The Bachelor Australia

Nick Cummins says there was one Bachelor lady who stood out on the first night

Could she be The One?

By Alex Lilly
They say first impressions count, and it seems like this year's Bachelor Nick Cummins was taken with one contestant from the very first night.
In a chat with Kyle and Jackie O on their breakfast radio show, the Honey Badger was asked if one stood out more than the others.
"There was and that's the one who may have got The Key."
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Could one of these ladies be The One?
So what is The Key? Well for one lucky lady, The Key means they can visit Nick in his Bachelor pad at any time and get some quality one-on-one time. And like the White Rose from previous seasons, it's awarded to the girl who makes the best first impression.
Remember Alex Nation from Richie's season? She won the coveted White Rose in the first episode and went on to win his heart, so we'll be keeping a close eye on the winner.
The Honey Badger also revealed that things got quite steamy on set … literally!
When Kyle quizzed him about having sex on the show, Nick hinted at an event we may see in future episodes.
"I'm a red-blooded male and when you're in a spa and you've been locked up for a couple of months and you've got some cracking sort on your lap and you're starting to connect on a few levels, all of a sudden you're exchanging saliva and one thing leads to another."
He even admitted that the production crew had to step in and separate them, so this is going to be a must-watch season. Especially as it seems like he's head over heels.
"Without giving too much away, I've got a much better understanding now of what love is to me," he told NW.
Will it be love at first sight for Nick?