The Bachelor Australia

Nick Cummins eliminates Bachelor girl because of Tenille's comments

The Honey Badger has spoken.

We all thought saying goodbye to Rhiannon was a stirring choice for The Bachelor.
But Nick Cummins has come to Network Ten to find love, and nothing is going to stop him.
Not even a bunch of mean girls.
Viewers across the nation were shocked when in the final moments of last night's episode, it was revealed that tonight the Honey Badger will boot a girl from the show.
And it all takes place after a conversation he has with Tenille Favios.
Watch the moment in the video above!
Nick means business...
The footy star took Tenille aside, at what appeared to be either a group date or a Greek-toga themed cocktail party, and he asked her, "Who's been mean?"
The 25-year-old hopeful looked upset as the teaser cuts to Honey talking to the camera.
"She's caused a s--t-stir in the house," before he's heard telling one girl, "I think it's time to leave."
The teaser shows the house looking visibly shocked, with Romy crying in a corner with her pal and tripod side-kick Alisha comforting her.
Tenille looks stressed by the chat.
One well-placed insider shared to NW, "There was absolutely no messing around. He didn't want to wait for the rose ceremony to get rid of her."
"The girl was clearly devastated, but Nick wasn't having it."
While we don't know who will be kicked off The Bachelor Australia, Tenille did have a vicious confrontation with Romy, Cat and Alisha.
The girls were shocked!
The altercation took place after Tenille was heard talking about her passionate kiss with Nick.
Things got so heated that the flight attendant ran away from the house, unzipping her dress and removing her microphone.
We don't know who goes... But fans are speculating it could be one of the Tripod.