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Did The Bachelor's Cass just accidentally confirm everything?

The third runner up reveals all in awkward interviews.

By Anita Lyons
It has been a very emotional week for Cassandra Wood, the third runner to take out the final rose on The Bachelor.
Just last week, we witnessed her heart being ripped out of her chest when the Honey Badger wanted to just "be friends" and we were not OK.
Now, in two VERY telling interviews with Nova's Fitzy and Wippa and KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O, Cass awkwardly responds to the rumours that she is currently dating the former rugby player and also lets slip who will take the final rose.

So did Nick dump the winner and is he now dating Cass?

The biggest question that has been on everybody's lips this week has been whether Nick Cummins has dumped the girl of his choice and is in fact back with Cass.
While the final three were considering what a future with him would look like after the final rose, it appears Nick's head – and heart – were elsewhere!
NW revealed in a very telling exclusive, that Nick never got over his feelings for his ex.
So are Nick Cummins and Cass Wood an item?
"The pressure was on for him to prove that Cass wasn't planted on the show for him, and he made a rash decision – but it wasn't a decision that he sincerely wanted to make," a source told the mag.
In addressing these rumours on Fitzy and Wippa this morning, the 24-year-old could not hold back the awkward giggles.
"I believe he's with the winner and having a happy life!" Cass said, to which radio host Sarah McGilvray said: "I don't know if I believe you, look at the smile on your face!"
Cass's smile was very telling during an interview with Fitzy and Wippa.
Fitzy then asked the accounting student if she had seen Nick since filming ended.
"Um ... yeah, well, out of respect for the winner, we'd never organise to hang out," she said. "But we do live on the Northern Beaches [in Sydney] and I have bumped into him but it was just like a 'Hi, bye' quick conversation," she said.
During her chat with Kyle and Jackie O, Cass revealed that Nick was "definitely" still in a relationship with someone from the show … who it is remains to be seen but it all sounds pretty suss to us!

Cass accidentally reveals the winner

To add fuel to the fire that is Cassie doing the media circuit, it seems she awkwardly revealed who Nick chooses in the end.
While speaking to the KIIS FM hosts, she mentioned how she had been watching the show with one of the last girls standing, Sophie Tieman.
"Do you know who the winner is?" Jackie asks, obviously cottoning on.
"Not really, I believe it's Britt or Soph," she said carefully. "I'm not really sure."
Jackie then said: "You would know because you were watching the show with Soph, so she would have told you!"
"Well, they're very tight lipped, so ..."

Ummm … if she's watching the show with Soph – where on earth is Britt? On the Kokoda trail with Nick or with her family nursing a broken heart?
There's only one more episode left before we can finally lay this chapter in the Bachelor's life to rest, but there's one thing for sure. The drama OFF the show this season has been J.U.I.C.Y and we are totally here for it!
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