The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia finale shock: Is Nick Cummins in love with Brooke?

Nick hints his heart could be elsewhere as he ditches Britt and Sophie at the final rose ceremony

By Zara Zubeidi
A picturesque backdrop? Check. Cheesy music? Check. The Bachelor Australia leaving us all completely and utterly speechless by not choosing a winner? Er, what?!
Heartbroken viewers across the country were left reeling tonight following the shock twist that occurred during the show's finale rose ceremony.
But heartbreak aside (sorry girls!), there's one question which remains on everybody's lips – did Nick decide to ditch Britt and Sophie because he's actually in love with Brooke?!
Indeed, if there's anybody who knows what's best for Nick it's his family, and they couldn't hide their disappointment that the youth worker had decided to leave the competition ahead of the finale.
Sister Bernadette – who is always right when it comes to the girls, FYI - said she thought Brooke "would've made it to the end", while dad Mark was just as baffled.
When Nick explained to them what had happened, he struggled to put together an answer.
"I wanted her to stay around," he admitted, before adding that he "painfully" let her go. Sob.
Bernadette then probably dropped the biggest hint yet that Nick's heart was with someone else, telling the camera, "I don't see either one [Britt or Sophie] as the whole package".
Even before he lets Britt and Sophie go in the final few scenes, Nick admits his head is all over the place.
"I am trying to work my own head out right now," he tells Britt.
Later, when he explains to Britt why he can't commit to her, he adds, "Right now I can't give 100% of me to you. My head is very cloudy. Right now I'm a little bit lost."
The show ends with Nick cryptically telling the camera he still hopes his perfect woman is "out there". We're pointing at you, Brooke.
Meanwhile, Brooke has admitted she hasn't ruled out a reunion with Nick.
"I'm the type of person that once the ship has sailed, it's sailed. But I think down the line, if we were to meet again in the outside world, who knows what would happen," she told TV WEEK.
Does Nick still love Brooke?
Whether Nick and Brooke take another shot at their relationship remains to be seen, but there's no denying fans are invested in their love story.
"You are just drawn to each other.. the connection is real!" wrote one fan.
"My theory, you were gonna be the winner. The way he spoke about you was vastly different to any other woman that was on the show" added another.
Well, Nick did say she'd make a great wife!

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