The Bachelor Australia

Fans think Matty J proposed to Laura Byrne ... And we're onboard with another Bachelor wedding

Somebody call Billy Idol because with all this snow action... We think it's a nice day for a white wedding.

By Chloe Lal
Osher, we hope you have your marriage licence ready because you may be needed to officiate a Bachie wedding.
Fans have been going into overdrive thanks to former Bachelor Matty J and his girlfriend Laura Byrne going on their second holiday in the past month.
And nothing quite says marriage proposal like two vacations.

First they were in Thredbo...

A few weeks later New Zealand!

In late July the couple, who met and fell in love on The Bachelor, enjoyed a local trip to Thredbo.
The seemingly innocent trip created a snowstorm when a few days ago, they told fans that they've gone away for the second time.
MJ told fans, "Climbing glaciers is all white!"
But all Bachie enthusiasts could read (between the lines) was "I've popped the question!"

"I'm just waiting 'til you announce your engagement. That's why your on holiday right?" one person queried.
Another said, "Just propose already!!"
One thing is certain, a year on and the pair are super smitten.
In fact - they've made the ultimate commitment by moving together.
So, if Buster - Laura's three-legged dog - could keep us posted, that would be a real delight!