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The new Bachelor's Survivor ex-girlfriend breaks her silence after being blindsided by Ten's announcement

And she reveals whether she'd sign up for The Bachelorette!

By Rebecca Sullivan
So, we need to talk about the very complicated romance between our new Bachelor Locky Gilbert and his ex-girlfriend, fellow Australian Survivor: All Stars contestant, Brooke Jowett.
The pair dated for a few months during the filming of Survivor last year, after chatting on Instagram for a bit before they met in person, but called it quits because the distance was just too hard. Locky is based in Perth and Brooke, a personal trainer, lives in Melbourne.
The breakup was bittersweet, especially for Brooke, who says their connection was immediate.
"It was instant, like, you're my person," Brooke, 27, told TV WEEK on Monday, when asked about meeting Locky for the first time on the island.
"As soon as we got there [to Fiji, where Survivor is filmed], we were joined at the hip," she said.
But once filming wrapped, their relationship didn't translate into the real world, with the pair based on opposite sides of the country.
"He's in Perth and Bali, and I'm in Melbourne. His work means he'd want me to go to him, but I won't leave my family and my dog. I'm also really focused on my career," Brooke said.
"It's a lot more difficult in the real world than it was out there."
When asked about a possible reunion between herself and Locky by TV WEEK, Brooke seemed to think it could totally be a thing.
"It's still on the cards," she said.
"We haven't completely written it off, it's just very complicated with the distance. It's such an obstacle."
Even Locky himself says pair "still talk fairly often", the new Bachie told Perth Now last month, though he confirmed, "I am single".
Brooke and Locky got chatting on Instagram, then when they met in Fiji, formed an instant bond. Image: Channel 10
The pair sharing a sweet moment together in Fiji. Image: Channel 10
But it seems Brooke was totally blindsided by new former beau's announcement that he would be dating 20-something women on national television.
Late on Tuesday night, just hours before Channel 10 made the official announcement, Brooke posted a loving tribute to Locky on Instagram, alongside a cute couple photo of the pair.
"Thankyou for being my ride or die and the greatest big manly blanket I could have asked for 😔❤️ @locklangilbert #survivorau," she wrote.
Even Brooke's Instagram followers were confused by the photo.
"So does this mean you're going to be on The Bachelor? Because you could totally take those girls down 💪🏻💪🏻," one fan wrote, while another asked, "Are you guys a couple?"
A third person comment: "So, now you enter the Bachelor and win his heart again and complete the love story we all want to see?"
Australia is totally shipping these two!
The duo still chat regularly. Image: Channel 10
And if Brooke's latest tweet is anything to go by, she is less-than-thrilled about Locky going on The Bachelor.
In response to a fan who tweeted, "Locky gets voted out of @Survivor_AU last night and this morning is announced as the new Bachelor. Poor Brooke", she posted a downcast GIF from The Simpsons of Millhouse attempting to throw a frisbee.
And when fans took to Locky's own Instagram page to question the star about his relationship with Brooke - the comments section on his Bachie announcement post is peppered with "What about Brooke?" and "Brooke tho?" remarks - Brooke herself had the perfect response.
She wrote "She'll survive xx", and also responded to another comment with a withering rose emoji.
Brooke's brave response to a fan who asked about her and Locky. Image: Instagram
When asked about his relationship with Brooke just hours after being announced as the new Bachie, Locky seemed to suggest that his romance with Brooke was a Survivor-only type of fling.
"Yeah um, Brooke's an amazing girl, but the thing is, it was filmed like 5 months ago," he told KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O show on Wednesday morning.
"So, it was quite a while ago and on the show you just want to have that person that you can fully trust, and like, if you don't you can kind of lose your mind out there. So, me and Brooke just connected, we had lots to talk about. I think that really helped me in the game."
The pair live on opposite sides of the country, and couldn't make their relationship last the distance. Image: Channel 10
The pair still speak incredibly highly of each other. Image: Channel 10
Despite the heartbreak, Brooke says she will "survive". Image: Channel 10
Interestingly, being used as part of the "game" of Survivor was a concern of Brooke's throughout their relationship.
She told TV WEEK the pair tried to keep their growing connection "on the downlow, but it was hard".
"I'd think, 'Does he like me? Or is just using me [in the game]?'" she said. "And he's thinking the same about me!"
She added: "But really, I trusted him from the start, and it was nice to have someone who made you feel good and not miss home so much."
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Brooke is one of the strongest female contestants on Survivor. Image: Instagram
The stunning personal trainer from Melbourne has 24,000 Instagram followers. Image: Instagram
So, once Brooke gets over the shock of her ex-boyfriend dating dozens of other women on national TV, would she think about going on The Bachelorette?
"I am pretty focused on my career so I don't know," she told TV WEEK when asked the question last week.
"I wouldn't be opposed to it! I just think I'm so confused that I'd probably end up with no-one."
Don't worry Brooke, we know there's definitely one lucky guy out there for you!