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Laura Byrne unleashes on Matty J’s ex Georgia Love after “hypocritical” attack

“The fact that Georgia Love had said this really grinds my gears”

By Erin Doyle
The Bachelorette's Georgia Love shocked the nation when she took a savage swipe at current Bachelor Matt Agnew for booting fan favourite Elly Miles last week.
One famous face offended was Laura Byrne, who struck up a romance with Matty 'J' Johnson after Georgia left him heartbroken by dumping him for Lee Elliott.
Speaking on her podcast Life Uncut which she co-hosts with Brittany Hockley, Laura took aim at Georgia for tweeting "F—K YOU MATT" after Elly's elimination.
"The fact that Georgia Love had said this really grinds my gears," Laura raged.
"She didn't say, 'Hey this isn't cool'. She chose to use obscenities and basically verbally abused Matt for his choices."
Them's fighting words! Laura (left) has slammed Georgia (right). Image: Getty
Last week, Georgia took aim at Matt Agnew (pictured) after he dumped the fan favourite. Image: Network Ten
Laura accused Georgia of setting a bad example, and said her Tweet sends the message that it's okay for reality TV fans to hurl abuse at contestants.
According to Laura, Georgia should know better, given she had been in a similar position in the past when she sent home fan favourite Cam Cranley during her own season of The Bachelorette.
"As much as I do question Matt's decisions in keeping Abbie [Chatfield] on the show, I still think it's a bit of a situation where it's 'pot calling kettle,'" Laura continued.
"And I just think as a journalist and someone who really understands the power of language, I expected more than that."
LISTEN: Laura Byrne slams Georgia Love. Story continues after video...
Laura fell in love with Matty J (left) on The Bachelor - after he'd been dumped by Georgia on The Bachelorette. Image: @ladyandacat/ Instagram
While Laura and Georgia rarely speak about each other in public, there has been rumours for years the pair aren't huge fans of one another.
When the women attended the same Melbourne Cup event in 2017 soon after Laura won Matty J's heart on his season of The Bachelor, Woman's Day reported the pair kept their distance.
"It's obvious the pair were ignoring one another," a source revealed at the time, describing them as "anything but friendly".
Earlier that year, the two women were often compared to one another in terms of looks, with many fans joking that Matty "had a type".
Responding to the comparison in a comment on her Instagram, Laura wrote, "There are definitely worse people in the world to be compared to. I think it's a compliment."
Meanwhile Georgia appeared on Studio 10 where her likeness to Georgia was raised.
Referring to Laura and Matty J, Georgia replied, "That's uncomfortable for them, isn't it?"
Georgia with current beau Lee Elliott Image: @georgiealove/ Instagram

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