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''This threw me...'' Season eight Bachelor winner Irena Srbinovska weighs in on the unofficial dress theory

She was as confused as us!

By Alex Lilly
Diehard Bachelor fans will know that there's a clue as to who wins the show based on what the two finalists are wearing.
In case you're unaware, the woman in the lighter dress for that last on-screen meeting is the one who tends to win - and now season eight winner Irena Srbinovska, who's still dating 2020 Bachelor Locky Gilbert, has some thoughts on the matter.
Taking to Instagram on Thursday evening, the 32-year-old nurse shared a photo of herself dressed in her stunning leopard print frock that she wore for the grand final.
"I didn't know what I was wearing until the morning of finale," captioned the photo posted to her stories.
"I tried on five dresses (all different colours) and then this one was picked for me.
"Like everyone watching I was like 'If I'm wearing a light colour it's a good sign,' and then this threw me. Like leopard print? What does that mean?"
Irena was as confused as we were by the leopard print dress! (Ten/Instagram)
The rest, as they say, is history, and Locky and Irena are all loved-up and living together in Perth.
"The night before finale I was in a hotel room in the Hunter Valley doing a ridiculously hard puzzle trying to distract myself. It was the night before the finale and I was freaking out.
"On this day a year ago we were in a hotel room waiting for our love story to be finally revealed," Irena wrote in a separate Instagram post.
"A year on, our life is far greater than I could have ever imagined it to be. @locklangilbert you have made me the happiest that I have ever been and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I love life with you."
A year on from their Bachelor journey, Locky and Irena are still together. (Instagram)
In a chat after the finale, season nine runner-up Brooke Cleal explained that she had a little contribution to what she wore but stylist Kim's decision was final.
"When I did the styling with Kim and we tried on some of the things for the finale, she showed me this Indigenous style and explained the meaning behind it and I said that I want to wear a dress that represents resilience and nurture because that's exactly who I am.
"We were also convinced on the purple, we loved that as well," Brooke explained.
"I had a little contribution to it all but at the end of the day, Kim knows exactly what she's doing and she chose for me."
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