The Bachelor Australia

Locky and Irena's long weekend activity sums up pretty much everything we know to be true about the Bachelor poster couple

Is anyone surprised?

By Jess Pullar
If there's one thing we definitely know to be true about The Bachelor Australia's winning couple for 2020, it's that they're big fans of a hike.
Yep, Irena Srbinovska and Locky Gilbert have only just gone public with their relationship after the show finally wrapped up in late September - and while it was clear the pair had plenty of common interests, there was one we were willing to bet decent money that they'd be gallivanting off to do as soon as humanely possible.
And yes, we are talking about hiking and their love of the great outdoors.
Of course, it's no secret that Locky is a big fan of the outdoors - a former Survivor star and adventure man himself, the Bachelor was the epitome of Bear Grylls chic (if there ever was something like that).
And when he met Irena, the pair's chemistry was instant, and all the more heightened when she revealed that she too, was a big nature lover - with hiking at the top of her hobbies list.
Convenience, some would say, true love, to others.
Whatever it is, you can't deny these Irena and Locky definitely clicked on The Bachelor.
You couldn't deny this pair's chemistry. (Network Ten)
Over the weekend, the pair cemented the feat well and truly.
Sharing a picture of them setting up a tent in the countryside, Locky wrote on Instagram: "What a blood[y] great weekend. 3 days 2 nights and 600km."
He praised his new partner who is seen in the picture standing next to a large motor bike: "A massive congrats to my beautiful Girlfriend for her first multi day bike ride. Love you so much."
Locky and Irena had quite the adventure weekend. (Instagram)
Just last week, the pair shared their first couple photos from outside the mansion, and it looked like they wasted no time in getting outdoorsy together.
Sharing a drone video from a waterfall with Irena at his side, Locky wrote: "Finally out on our first hike together."

Irena also shared a pic to her Instagram during the hike, writing: "Finally got this guy all to myself," alongside a picture of the pair having a good old pash in the wilderness.
So very, very on brand.
Irena shared this picture shortly after the finale aired. (Instagram)
While The Bachelor's strike rate is a little hit and miss when it comes to lasting couples, you can't deny there's definitely been some that've gone the distance.
Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards, Sam and Snez Wood and Matty J and Laura Byrne are all case in point.
Looks like Locky and Irena are well on track to join the success club.