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Is this The Bachelor's worst kiss yet? Cat makes awkward move

Can't blame a girl for trying!

By Faye James
The second episode of The Bachelor saw Romy, 29, desperately try to steal a smooch from Nick, more than once, in fact, four times! Talk about cringey.
But in the fourth episode, the level of cringe steps up a notch when Romy's villain in crime Cat makes her move during a single date with Nick.
"I feel like Nick was giving me every indication that he wanted to make out with me. There was that sexual chemistry," Cat boldly tells the cameras.
Remember this moment? It's about to get a hell of a lot more awkward!
Yet, when she makes her move, it's possibly the most awkward moment yet.
"Am I going to tempt you?" Cat says slugging her arm around him.
Nick rolls his eyes and clears his throat before giving her a kiss… ON THE CHEEK.
"You're going to give me a kiss on the cheek?" gasps Cat.
Could this be the most awkward kiss yet?
"Mmm… are you cold?" Nick says quickly dodging the question.
To say the moment is awkward is a huge understatement. In fact, even Cat admits it was bad.
"It was F-ing awkward," she tells the cameras, before quipping: "You can't blame a girl for trying!"
It might be that Nick has friend-zoned the little troublemaker or perhaps the former Wallabies player is testing her real motives.
Did Cayla get the last laugh when she warned Nick of Cat?
After all, during episode three he was given a stern warning by energy healer Cayla.
After pulling Nick outside, Cayla decided to spill the tea on the series' villains, or, as she and Kim Kardashian West call them, "snakes."
"I'm 100% fine I knew I was going tonight. I just need to tell you there are so many inauthentic girls in this house," Cayla told Nick, while Romy mocked her inside asking if she was casting "one last spell."
"You should know this, from the very beginning Cat and Romy… they aren't good people man. They're blindsiding you. Cat and Romy are literally here to be famous."
She continued, "Romy is so fake! Honestly. I hope you make the right decision Nick. Good luck in there mate."
Did Cayla get the last laugh? Maybe she did!

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