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EXCLUSIVE: Are Cass Wood and Nick Cummins back together?! Pair spotted getting close at Sydney event

Is third time the charm for these former Bachelor flames?

What a difference two months makes.
At least, that's what appears to be the case for a certain two people from a very publicised reality show.
You guessed it - The Bachelor Australia's Nick Cummins, aka the Honey Badger, and former flame Cass Wood look like they've put the past behind them as they were spotted looking very friendly at an event in Sydney on Thursday - or were they?
Nick and Cass were spotted together two months after the pair separated on the show. (Image: Instagram / @brittany_hockley)
The couple from the hit reality show fast became renowned from day one when it was revealed Cass and Nick had history.
As the show went on it became very apparent that Cass still harboured very strong feelings for Nick, with some even going so far as to call her a 'stage-five clinger'.
While details of their previous relationship before the show are quite murky, it's understood the pair spent a lot of time together, with Cass even meeting Nick's family.
However, during the show it seemed the Honey Badger didn't want to give things a second shot - he chose to eliminate her when there were just four women left.
"We have the best time. I've loved every minute. You're an amazing woman your smile lights up a room. But at this moment in time we've hit a ceiling," he told her.
"I hope we can still be friends."
Nick chose not to give things a second chance with Cass. (Image: Instagram / @brittany_hockley)
And friends they certainly seem to be as the pair were spotted reuniting at The Iconic's annual swimwear show in Sydney on Thursday night.
What's more, despite what happened on The Bachelor it looks like Cass still feels the exact same way about Cummins.
Now To Love witnessed the pair at the event having a friendly chat, and it was clear Cass had eyes for no one else.
But the feelings might not have been mutual - an eyewitness told Now To Love: "Cass looked like she wanted to cry when he spoke to others."
But as for Nick? "He looked nervous. As soon as she got talking to someone else he skedaddled!"
Watch the interaction in the video below:
Meanwhile another former contestant Brittany Hockley was also in attendance at the event.
Britt was one of two finalists Nick infamously turned down in the shock finale, but despite this, she also appeared to have left the dumping - and any hard feelings - behind her.
The brunette took to her Instagram sharing a video with herself, Nick and Cass saying, "Beautiful day to catch up with some old friends" before the three cheers-ed glasses.
Britt must be the forgiving type - after the explosive finale aired, she told Now To Love: "There's no hate and anger anymore… I do feel a bit sorry for him, he's obviously very lost and I hope Australia's not too hard on him because I don't think anyone deserves any bullying."
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And despite their very public on-again-off-again courtship, it seems Cass will always hold a soft spot for Nick.
After getting eliminated from the show, she told Now To Love: "Still to this day, he's the one person I could see myself with in the future. I think I will be looking out for someone now who makes me feel more than what I did with him but it's going to be hard to find!"
Cass has long had a soft spot for Nick! (Image: Network 10)