The Bachelor Australia

Does Brittany win The Bachelor Australia? She's certainly caught Nick Cummins' attention

Honey Badger has left us some pretty telling paw prints...

By Chloe Lal
Not too sure about you, but with the premiere done and dusted, we think it's safe to suggest that in a world of post-filming Nick Cummins is a man in love.
And he's found the lucky lady who has tackled him into monogamy...
Sorry to the other 24 girls vying for his heart, but please leave your roses at the door and go home.
In fact, going out on a limb, we think we know who is Mrs Honey Badger and the winner of The Bachelor Australia 2018.
Could Osher please cue the drum roll for Brittany Hockley!
You had me at hello...
The 30-year-old radiographer is right up Nick's alley.
Describing herself as "adventurous and optimistic, shes's a down-to-earth romantic who is passionate about both dogs and travel."
Umm, we know somebody that screams these qualities.
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Old sport, we think we've found your mate.
The lovely 30-year-old is also from Port Macquarie, the exact spot Nick Cummins was born!
Written in the stars we tell you.
If you need some more definitive proof, it would appear on Brittany's Instagram page - featuring a single rose.
A rose is VERY positive.
While it's no open declaration compared to the way Laura Byrne professed her interest in her main man Matty J.
If you cast your minds back to 2017- In the about me section of her account, Laura claimed she's the "Queen of reverse parking", which is indeed a commendable skill to have.
And according to a profile on MJ, it was what he was looking for in his dream girl, before his time on The Bachelorette, "Matty just moved back to Sydney after living in London for four years, and finds women who can reverse park with ease particularly attractive."
This sent fans into OVERDRIVE back in the day.
The Instagram clue is childsplay compared to the key tell-tale sign that Brittany wins Nick Cummins' heart on The Bachelor Australia 2018.
All the snippets we've seen on the premiere episode show us that they're Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski of 2018!
Cast your minds back to 2015, a real splendid time.
Sam the Woodshed was besotted by the sexy Emily Simms (aka Dasha), and then there was flame from years past Bec Chin (cheers to you Cass Wood)...
Will Bachie history repeat itself?
Sam Wood was hypnotised...
And if Nick doesn't take a leaf out of Mr Woods book by taking Dasha on a water-themed date then we'll be shocked.
But seriously. It's happening. LOOK AT HER.
Bec Chin meet your present day counterpart Cass Wood.
And then there was the stunning runner up Lana Jeavons-Fellows - who is now 29.
Nine years younger than Sam, who is now 38, she just wasn't in the right place in her life to be committed to Mr Wood.
And we bet you can hear who we're likening her to - Brooke aka the proud owner of The Bachelor Key.
The 23-year-old has Nick Cummins' grinning, but at the end of the day, will the 30-year-old be what the youth worker wants?
As much as we adore Brooke, like Lana, she might be a little too young for Mr Cummins!
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The bookies think we're on the money too.
According to Sportsbet.com.au, the odds are looking mighty favourable towards the 30-year-old.
The radiographer is cleaning up in the odds with Sportsbet picking her to not only win the series but also score the first pash ($5.00), first date ($6.00) and land the first impression prize ($5.00).
"Right now Brittany is the favourite for the Honey Badger's heart, but with keys to the Bachie pad up for grabs for the girl who makes the best first impression - we're tipping whoever snags it will be a front runner," sportsbet.com.au's Zampatti explained.
Can we discuss Brittany's 99 appearances in the Bach promo... SCREAMS WINNER!
The final nail in this romance coffin - The Bachelor promo.
It says it all: Brittany scores A LOT of one-on-one time with Mr Honey Badger.
Sam and Snez took their sweet time, but in the end she scored three single dates with him.
The newest trailer for the dating series shows Brittany in an array of outfits with only Nick.
We're calling it your honour - Brittany Hockley wins The Bachelor Australia!
Please still watch the show as pulling a fast one in a classic Bachie trick. Isn't that right Richie Strahan and Alex Nation [may their romance rest in peace].
This sheila has what it takes!

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