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Brittany Hockley to star as The Bachelorette Australia 2019?

‘It’s time to move on to my next chapter!’

By Tina Burke
Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman were both heartbroken in The Bachelor Australia finale overnight, when Nick Cummins chose to leave the reality dating series a single man.
Brittany and Sophie were left questioning why Nick didn't at least try to make it work with one of them, but in hindsight Brittany admits she's happy with the outcome.
"At the time, you wish he would have given it a go," Brittany tells TV WEEK.
"I guess because you're so invested in that moment and you want to give it a go and see what it's like in the outside world but, now, I can sit back and say it was the best ending."
Brittany and Nick enjoy one final romantic date on The Bachelor Australia.
Though Britt admits watching the show re-ignited her feelings for Nick, she says she has well and truly moved on.
"I was in a really good place by the time the show aired, but then seeing it ignites feelings," she says.
"There were parts watching it where I though 'gosh I miss you' and my heart skipped a beat.
"But it's time to move on to my next chapter!"
Will that next chapter involve starring as The Bachelorette in 2019? Fans are certainly hoping so, and Brittany isn't ruling it out.
"Bachelorette is something I would definitely consider," says Brittany.
"If everything was aligned and I was in the right head-space. I'll have to take that as it comes."
Brittany is 'considering' being the next Bachelorette.
Brittany says if she was in the right place she would do the show, despite the risk of having her heart broken on TV a second time.
"Reality TV is a gamble and there have been some beautiful success stories. I mean, Anna and Tim just got married! And there's been a baby (Snezana Markoski and Sam Wood), and there's been all these success stories.
"You know, sometimes it doesn't work out, but that can happen in the real world too. You can meet someone in a bar and it won't work out."
Despite having her heart broken by Nick, Brittany is hopeful of finding love again.
Brittany isn't the only one fans are hoping to see step back into the Bachie limelight.
Though viewers would also love to see Sophie take on the role of Bachelorette, or join the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, she admits it's 'too soon' to be thinking about that.
"Look, it's a little too early to even consider something like that," Sophie admits.
"I'm always someone who is willing to give things a go, but for now I'm just kind of keen to get over this past experience that I've just come out of. I want to move on."
Will Sophie star on Bachelor In Paradise?
For now, Brittany and Sophie say their are "excited" to "move on" from the show now the finale has aired... And who could blame them?
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