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The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis has debuted an adorable new family addition that’s surely healed her post-show heartbreak

Locky who?

By Maddison Hockey
Locky Gilbert's runner up Bella Varelis may not have won The Bachelor and found love with the hunky adventurer at the end of the show, but she's moved on to better, and arguably way cuter, things.
It's the kind of relationship we fully endorse and frankly are immensely jealous of.
The reality star has taken to Instagram to debut her adorable new love, a black and white cavoodle puppy named Summer.
Our hearts! (Instagram)
"Just did a thing… Everyone meet Summer," Bella announced.
After sharing adorable videos testing out puppy beds in PetBarn, it's safe to say we're already obsessed.
Bella also promised not to spam her followers with puppy photos and content, but honestly we hope she doesn't come through on that because Summer is really brightening our day.
Look at that face! (Instagram)
The 25-year-old has well and truly moved on since the Bachie finale which left her blindsided. Following the shock end Now To Love spoke with Bella about Locky's final decision – choosing Irena over her.
"I did have a niggling feeling in the back of my head about it. And that's just a women's intuition right? You just know when something isn't 100 per cent," she recounted.
"When I was in that moment I sort of went numb, and my protective barrier when up. I just kind of shut off and went into logic mode. I had to ask the questions and then leave."
Bella was heartbroken in the finale. (Channel Ten)
It wasn't until the airing of the finale, long after filming had finished, that Bella had overcome her heartache.
"I wasn't doing too great up until a few days go. It's been a pretty rough few weeks mentally, and it's really hard when only five per cent of what actually happened showed [on-screen].
"People are very quick to judge, but watching it all back this week I knew I stayed true to myself. I'm a passionate women and I won't let people I don't know have this power over me. I've come out of this stronger and more powerful."