The Bachelor Australia

Bachelor runner-up Bella Varelis announces her next big gig mere days after her television blindside - and it's all too fitting

The influencer-turned-reality-TV star is going back to her roots.

By Jess Pullar
Bella Varelis might be famous for being named runner-up in the latest season of The Bachelor, but she's got a hell of lot more to throw on her portfolio than that.
Just a few days after her explosive blindside from a clearly-confused Locky Gilbert on the reality show, the 25-year-old Sydney-sider has announced her next big move, and it probably won't come as a huge surprise given her life pre-Bachelor.
Sharing an update on her Instagram page with a rather aesthetically pleasing snap of herself sitting on some rocks in a linen shirt and drawstring bikini, Bella shared the post-Bachelor update that we were all waiting for.
"Over the moon to finally announce that I'm officially a part of the incredible @maxconnectors family! So excited to see what the future holds and stoked to be represented by this beautiful team," she wrote of her new gig.

Yep, it probably comes as sub-zero surprise to learn that the Bachelor runner-up is already firmly entrenching herself in the Aussie influencer sphere.
With more than 108,000 followers on her Instagram page at the time of writing, she's clearly got the audience ready and willing to engage.
And the partnership with the nation's number one luxury media agency shouldn't be unfamiliar territory, either. Bella was quickly singled out as soon as the show's cast was revealed back in July given her ties to the influencer world.
Bella isn't shy of Sydney's influencer scene - she's pictured here with Aussie model Jordan Simek. (Instagram)
If you thought you'd seen Bella somewhere before, chances are, you probably had - she was a regular at influencer events across Sydney, and had also mixed in circles of the city's socialites - the proof was in their own Instagrams where, lo and behold, a rogue Bella would often appear.
So with that said, Bella now becoming the influencer is a very natural progression in the, er, unique career path.

The stunning brunette's reaction to Locky's confusing display on Thursday evening's Bachelor finale (the bloke told both women he loved them, drama ensued, you know the drill), was nothing less than admirable.
Speaking to Now To Love in the moments after the episode went to air, Bella's outlook was firmly directed towards focusing inward and not letting the experience get her down.
"I wasn't doing too great up until a few days go," she admitted.
"It's been a pretty rough few weeks mentally, and it's really hard when only five per cent of what actually happened showed [on-screen].
"People are very quick to judge, but watching it all back this week I knew I stayed true to myself. I'm a passionate women and I won't let people I don't know have this power over me. I've come out of this stronger and more powerful."
We couldn't have put it better ourselves - looks like there's a lot more to come from this girl boss.