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"Hope someone got fired for that blunder": Twitter's hilarious reactions to the first episode of The Bachelor 2021

We love the smell of drama in the air.

By Maddison Leach
The Bachelor is back and Twitter has had an awful lot to say about the first episode.
The reality TV juggernaut has returned to screens with the oh-so-eligible pilot Jimmy Nicholson at its helm (in its cockpit?), so people on social media are rejoicing.
Because, really, what is The Bachelor without the memes, jokes and online drama?
Jimmy's season of The Bachelor started on Wednesday night. Ten
The 2021 season kicked off on Wednesday night with the typical red-carpet entrances from the ladies, which ranged from a quick "hey, how are you", to a girl literally being dropped into the mansion by a crane.
We're not kidding. She came in on a crane.
A lavish cocktail party followed, where Jimmy actually seemed pretty overwhelmed (but in a very wholesome, good-looking way) at the realities of dating more than 20 women at once.
It's a bit of a juggle, isn't it mate?
With millions of Aussies watching along at home as villains were established, delicate harp music was played and the girls screamed at the sight of Osher Gunsberg (in a good way, we promise), many were keen to share their thoughts on the new season on Twitter.
And they definitely didn't disappoint with the hot takes.
Scroll through to see some of the best Twitter reactions to the first episode, as well as some predictions, drama and more.
Fans were thrilled to have the show back, uniting a nation where millions of us are still in lockdown and really have nothing better to do than watch 20 women fight over Jimmy.
As always, the season kicked off with some dramatic entrances from the ladies, including Sierah who did a "tarot reading" for Jimmy.
Only, all the cards had sexy photos of her on them. And in her post-entrance interview she talked about... needing a fart.
Fan favourite Chanel gave Jimmy a first class flight experience, not realising he's actually a pilot.
To be fair, he did tell her he worked in "aluminium tubing", but that dad joke would have flown (ha ha) right over our heads too.
Other girls arrived in flashy sports cars, made Jimmy play chess - a game he admitted he's never played - and gave him a wine tasting experience.
Then host Osher arrived and all the girls lost their collective minds. There was a lot of screaming.
They do realise they're here to fall in love with the other guy, right? You know, the handsome pilot you met on the way in.
The cocktail party kicked off, the ladies got a few drinks in them and there was immediate drama, or so the editing would have us believe.
Girls started stealing Jimmy for a chat before he could get more than 10 words into a sentence with another woman.
The poor guy got a little flustered, but those are the perils of dating 20 people at once, we guess.
Then a new girl, Lily, rocked up fashionably late in a crane because of course someone had to rock up in a crane.
Some fans were concerned how long it took to set the stunt up.
Eventually Osher dramatically whispered that it was time for the rose ceremony, two girls were sent home, and a teaser played for the next episode.
But some fans are calling the season "over" already, convinced they know who will win Jimmy's heart.

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