The Bachelor Australia

Bachelor contestants Brittany and Sophie claim Nick Cummins and Cass are NOT dating!

'It's definitely the hot topic!'

By Tina Burke
Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockely were left devastated by Nick Cummins in The Bachelor Australia finale that shocked the nation.
Nick walked away from the reality series single, after turning down both ladies in a heartbreaking episode.
"I know what I want in a woman, but am I ready?" Nick asked the camera, after saying goodbye to the two ladies. "I came here for a chance at love and now I'm… I'm gonna have to start again. She's out there."
Since Nick ended up alone, rumours are flying wild that he has moved on with fourth place contestant Cass Wood.
Brittany and Sophie console each other after The Bachelor Australia finale.
With Sophie and Brittany being incredibly close with Cass, we had to ask if there was any truth to the reports.
"So, Cass, Brittany and I are still as close as ever. I can confirm that they are not seeing one another," Sophie tells TV WEEK.
"She's in a really good place," adds Brittany. "We talk almost every day and we really, truly care about each other.
"Her feelings were so real for Nick, but they're definitely NOT together."
Sophie, Brittany and Cass were close on The Bachelor Australia.
As for those other reports that Nick and Brooke are in love and together, Brittany has a clear answer.
"It's definitely the hot topic," she says. "Australia, in whatever way, really just want this happy ending for someone and I just don't think they're gonna get it.
"What I can say is, Brooke is a beautiful human and they had a connection no doubt, but there's definitely a reason it was Sophie and I at the end. Nick is so headstrong and he cannot be produced, if he wanted one of the girls at the end, she would have been there.
"I think they had a connection that was on another level, they were best friends. But she gave him the opportunity, she asked him to tell her to stay and he didn't.
She continues, "As much as I know Australia would love that, I just think unfortunately it wasn't Brooke… and it obviously wasn't Sophie or myself."
Brooke and Nick had a special connection.
Brittany's sentiment is echoed by Sophie, who says the social media reaction from fans suggesting Brooke would have won is 'hurtful.'
"Brooke is a gorgeous girl and they had a connection, but if Nick wanted her to stay he would have told her to," she says. "It actually hurts having people say that Britt and I were there by default."
"You just can't believe what you read! I'm apparently engaged and Brittany is pregnant. It's hilarious, really.
"There's no denying that the social media around this whole TV show is extreme. Everyone has a thought and opinion and they feel like they need to either post it on my page, or Brittany's page, or disclose some fake information to us. You learn to tune it out, though."
Sophie and Brittany have found comfort in their friendship.

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