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The Bachelor’s Vanessa Sunshine reveals the real truth about Cass and Nick's relationship

I would hope Nick keeps her around for the right reasons, otherwise that's a bit cruel.

The Bachelor's Vanessa Sunshine entered the mansion and became the accidental favourite of a reality TV-watching nation. Now that we have, sadly, seen her eliminated, the straight-faced beauty can finally go public and tell it like it was. And she's dong that - spilling to Now to Love about life in Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins' Bachelor mansion.
In her very candid one-on-one chat, the 28-year-old has revealed some big truths about what went on in the mansion, spilling the tea about key Bachie topics like:
  • what's really going on with Cass and Nick
  • whether the mean girls of the house are for real
  • how she thought she was portrayed on the show
She's also posted a pretty entertaining video on Instagram (see above).

Cass, Nick and the case of the ‘stage-5 clinger’

"I think it's very unfair," Vanessa said of the label some have unceremoniously given the 23-year-old. "For me personally, I figured out early on that there was a history there."
"I've got a good five years on Cass so I look at what I was doing at that age and it's a different experience when you're younger. Things are just a little bit more heightened, and you watched it for yourself, it's not one-sided.
"I would hope Nick keeps her around for the right reasons, otherwise that's a bit cruel."
But getting involved in the Cass and Nick drama is also not Vanessa's style.
"It was none of my business. I didn't probe her about it and I certainly did not talk about it with the other girls. That's like getting a baby lamb and throwing it to the wolves and saying; I hope you survive that one!"
Nick Cummins and Cass Wood had a "history" before entering the Bachelor mansion.

Romy, Cat and Alicia - the infamous ‘tri-pod’

So are the so dubbed three "mean girls" of the mansion really like that or are they being edited to look like the baddies?
"They're not pulling it from nowhere, the content is there," Vanessa said of Romy, Cat and Alicia. "What you guys are seeing is nothing compared to what really happens."
"They are really like that, it's not producer-coerced, it's not editing, it's nothing like that ..."
Alicia, Cat and Romy are known as the 'tri-pod' in the mansion.

How Vanessa thinks she was portrayed

So what did Vanessa think of how she was edited?
"I'm quite introverted and very quiet and keep to myself," Vanessa said. "When I don't know people, and everyone there didn't have the best intentions towards me, I'm very quiet. But I watched what was going on.
"Some of what went on for me was very creative editing on their (producers') end," she said. "Any footage of me laughing or smiling didn't see the light of day."
"I know I look like that and I don't show much emotion, but I don't think that makes me a bad person."

So what did Vanessa think of Nick?

Well, she does NOT think there could be a future between her and Nick outside the mansion.
"He's not the right person for me and I'm not the right person for him," Vanessa says. "I'm very particular in my normal day to day life with who I choose to spend my time with and be around.
"I'm very aware that you can be the hottest person alive, but I can't build a life with hotness.
If that's all you've got and that's what you're bringing to the table, then that's not enough. +It's such a turn-on for me to connect on a conversational level," she adds.

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