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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Monique labels Matt "two-faced" after asking her to leave the mansion

The plot thickens.

Astrophysicist Matt made it clear he wasn't going to accept Monique Morley's sharp tongue when he booted her from the show for calling him a "dog c---".
But speaking to Woman's Day, Monique, 26, insists her axing was pure strategy at the hands of frontrunner Abbie Chatfield, 23, and less about Matt's so-called ethics.
"Him saying to me that language is disgusting [was rich, he was] swearing like a house on fire when I was having time with [him] off camera. It was a bit two-faced," says Monique, who maintains the scientist enjoyed humiliating her on TV.
"Anyone who… purposely makes people look like sh*t for their self-gain, I think it's disrespectful."
WATCH: Matt confronts Monique about the rumours. Post continues after video...
In a chat with Now To Love, Monique revealed how it felt when Matt asked her to leave the mansion saying she was "pretty disappointed" with his language.
"He was grilling me and I was like, 'I can't say any more. You either take it or leave it.' To be honest, I was pretty disappointed the way he spoke to me," she revealed.
When asked what she would say to the astrophysicist now she confessed, "I probably wouldn't talk to him if I saw him. I don't have people in my life that give me negative energy. I would be wasting my time. I'm not a fake person."
Monique says Matt was "swearing like a house on fire" when she spent time with him off camera. (Image: Network Ten)
Her foul mouth landed her in a world of trouble in the Bachelor mansion, but it seems Matt's trash is another man's treasure!
Former Dancing With The Stars talent Jett Kenny has been busted getting close to the controversial Bachelorette online.
Yep, the hunky blonde, 24, was seen liking a stream of Monique's photos recently and is even a dedicated follower of the Bondi-based star's account.
Furthermore, Woman's Day has observed the lifesaver has noticeably avoided liking any photos of her with guys and appears to be more fond of her sultry snaps. Is this a romance in the making?
Could Monique and Jett Kenny be the new hot couple on the block? (Images: Instagram @jettkenny/Network Ten)

'My daughter named her Ken doll Matt!'

Though we've yet to see Mary Viturino discuss her daughter Chanel with Matt, the single mum tells Woman's Day they've already had "the talk".
"We spoke about it on the first night and he was fine with it," Mary says of her five-year-old.
And it seems the feelings are reciprocated, with Mary, 31, revealing Chanel is such a fan of Matt she's named one of her dolls after him!
Mary's daughter Chanel is such a fan of Matt she's named one of her dolls after him! (Image: Instagram @wendellt)
"She leapt up and was like, 'Mum, I can't believe it, you're on TV! Is that your boyfriend?'"
So does Chanel approve of Matt? It's a resounding yes!
"She thinks he's very handsome, and it's funny because she has a male Ken [Barbie] doll and she's called it Matt!" Mary says.

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