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The Bachelor Exclusive: Abbie reveals she was left in tears after a group date gone wrong

The moment that broke Abbie...

By Karina Recchi
She's come up against front-running Bachelorettes Monique, Sogand and now Elly, who've all accused her of faking her feelings for fame. But Abbie has remained strong in her quest for Bachelor Matt's heart… until now.
Abbie, 23, tells TV WEEK her world came crashing down following an upcoming intimate group date on the show, and had to be cradled to sleep by fellow Bachelorette Chelsie, 28!
"I can almost cry thinking about it now," Abbie explains of the date, which involved a sexologist arriving to test the physical intimacy between Matt and the girls in a hugging challenge.
"That was definitely one of the hardest days for all of us," she says. "Watching each other's different connections, I thought to myself, 'This is a nightmare!' We were so far in – it was quite sadistic."
"I couldn't deal with it," Abbie says of the date.
It wasn't just Abbie who felt the pain afterwards, with all the girls leaving the group date in tears.
"We were crying the whole way home," she admits. "My feelings for Matt are so strong that I was upset. Chelsie had to cuddle me while I cried myself to sleep that night in bed. Helena was laughing at me because I was crying so hard my fake tan came off – I was sobbing!"
Abbie says that with hometown dates on the horizon, her fears about what could be between her and Matt, 32, are becoming real.
"This isn't a competition – you're not winning a car or house. If you come second or third, you don't win a prize, you just get heartbroken," she says. "I'm falling for him pretty fast and hard."
"We all really liked Matt at this point," Abbie explains.
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