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The Bachelor Australia’s Cassandra wants to design Matt Agnew’s engagement ring

''I think Chelsie is a good match for him!''

Cassandra Mamone became the 17th girl sent home from Bachie Mansion overnight. In the classic 'meet the friends' episode, Cass had a rather unsuccessful conversation with Matt Agnew's best mate Kate.
When asked about how she saw her future, the 33-year-old jewellery designer appeared to be focussed on her business, and not much else, during her chat.
"Oh, it was beautiful editing really," Cass tells TV WEEK of the exchange that made it to air, revealing all was not as it seemed.
We caught up with the eliminated contestant to find out all about her time on The Bachelor Australia, her thoughts on the Abbie vs Sogand feud, and her plans for Matt's engagement ring.
It's such a shame you were sent home! Overall are you happy you went on the show?
I am happy and you know I would do it all again given the same circumstances, definitely no regrets.
You didn't get a lot of time with Matt, did you feel like it was maybe unfair that you missed out on really getting to know him or show him your personality?
Obviously the more time you spend with someone the more you're able to show them, but having said that I think everything happens for a reason. So if he wasn't vibing me for whatever reason, then that's the way it was supposed to be and he's not the one for me.
Cass has "no regrets" over her time on the show.
Meeting the friends is always a bit tricky, but meeting them on TV is cerainly a bit intense. Did you feel like your were being grilled by Kate, or unfairly questioned over your business?
Oh it was beautiful editing really (laughs). One of the things I found strange was that I said "I'm looking forward to that next chapter in my life, which is getting married and sharing my life with someone" and I found it really odd, because Kate said "He doesn't want to have kids until his late thirties" and I'm a couple of years older than him, so I said "Oh well yeah, I don't mind having kids at 40, even 42," and then that's the bit they put in there! So I was like… that's interesting. But yeah, what aired was definitely the only mentions of my business and I feel like one was even kind of dubbed in and over exaggerated. We actually had a nice conversation about life and what led to this point.
It does happen to women on the show who talk about their businesses - you get questioned over your intentions. Do you think it's unfair to be questioned like that by fans, or even Matt, just because you have a career that you're proud of and want to talk about?
Yeah I am really proud! You know, people are always going to find things to pick on at the end of the day and for me it's obviously going to be my business because my business is my baby. So, you know what, if people are going to talk smack let 'em. If that's the reason he wanted to get rid of me then, ok.
Any hard feelings towards Matt?
No, not at all! I wish him the best. I hope he finds happiness and that he treats his final girl really well. I only wish them the best.
Turns out Matt is not Cassandra's Romeo...
There is a lot of tension on screen between Abbie and some of the girls. When you were playing the ranking game you were one of the people who gave up your spot to her and it got you kicked out. How was your relationship with Abbie?
Look, I definitely had other, closer friends in the house, for sure. Abbie and I didn't vibe on the same level. She is kind of what you see on screen, and I tend to stay away from drama so… there wasn't a great friendship there.
And you were so nice to take a step back from it, and just give up your spot for her in the game as well…
Well it's one of those things! Like, okay Abbie, if you have to fight for your position on fun then I'll just give it to you. I've got nothing to prove at the end of the day. All of my friends, family, people that know me, know who I am, so, at the end of the day that's all that mattered to me.
Obviously that day led in to Sogand confronting Abbie. Are you of the same mindset as Sogand, do you think she might be lying or be disingenuous?
I do think she's being disingenuous. But I also feel like it's not really my place to say how someone is thinking and feeling. All I can go off is how I read her as an individual, and that's my vibe that there is a bit of dishonesty there.
Was there anyone else in the house who you didn't vibe well with?
Look, to be honest, Sogand and I butted heads a little as well. They were honestly the only two. I stuck to myself and close friends and just had great down time. I was laying by the pool, reading books (laughs).
Cass says she tried to stay away from the drama in the mansion.
On the other hand, who did you think would be a perfect match for Matt?
I think Elly, Chelsie or Emma. I think Chelsie is a good match for him when you look at star signs, careers, states they live in. But either of those three.
Would you consider designing the engagement ring for Matt to propose to the winner with?
Heck yes! I hope to create something amazing for him one day, so hopefully he remembers.
What's next for you?
Back in to the swing of work!
Would you consider Bachie In Paradise if the opportunity arises?
Oh, look, never say never but I doubt I would go on Bachelor In Paradise. Hopefully I find a man before then!

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