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The Bachelor's Romy reveals Brooke and Jamie-Lee bombshell

'They had a thing!'

By NW team
It's not the first time two girls looking for love on The Bachelor found something special with each other – hello, Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon! – but Nick Cummins may receive a huge shock when he discovers one of his leading ladies has "vibed" with another Bachelorette.
Yep, this week Brooke Blurton will reveal to Nick that she has been in relationships with women in her past.
But what he won't hear is that she made a connection in the mansion with intruder Jamie-Lee Dayz, 27, who describes herself as "sexually fluid".
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Bachelor intruder Jamie Lee Dayz has dated both men and women.
Indeed, after previous reports claimed "the [Bachelorettes] picked up on some vibes between two of the girls who became quite close off camera", NW hears that the girls in question are sweetheart Brooke, 23, and bombshell Jamie-Lee!
"It's something that happened more so after I left, but I heard that some of the girls formed a really close friendship," says eliminated "villain" Romy Poulier.
"I have heard there's a vibe going on."

However, Romy says the girls – who were pictured looking friendly at NW's shoot – wouldn't find it difficult to bond considering how much time they spend together.
"You get close to everyone and it's pretty intense... in the mansion," she says.
But whether their spark turned into fireworks or they were simply just friends in the end, Romy says there is no judgement.
"It's not uncommon [for two girls to find love on The Bachelor]," she insists.

"I'm a believer that you fall in love with a person – male or female – and I think it's fair enough that if you're bisexual you can still be in the Bachelor mansion, because love is love. And if people connect, then they connect – it doesn't matter where they are."
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