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Why the order of the dates on Wednesday's episode of The Bachelor proves who wins

Seriously, this theory is legit!

By Rebecca Sullivan
With less than 24 hours until we find out who wins The Bachelor, we've got a brand new conspiracy theory for you that could reveal exactly which woman Matt Agnew has chosen as his winning lady.
And it's all got to do with the order in which the single dates played out during Wednesday night's episode.
If the previous seasons of The Bachelor are anything to go by, we can easily pick the winner by examining the order in which our Bachie chooses his dates.
Tonight, Matt picked Chelsie first up for a single date, then Abbie, then Helena.
Of course, poor Helena was sent packing after a disastrous and super awks final date with Matt, where the pair fought constantly over their differences.
But our conspiracy shows it was clear from her date order choice - third - that she was going to go home.
So with Chelsie picked first and Abbie second, let us explain why we think this means Matt is going to choose Chelsie, the stunning blonde chemical engineer, as his winner in tomorrow night's finale episode.
Matt picked Chelsie first for the single date during the second last episode. Instagram
Abbie was picked second. Instagram
Helena's date with Matt happened after Abbie and Chelsie's dates. Instagram
Let's take a trip down memory lane and look at the order in which previous Bachelors Sam Wood, Matty Johnson and Richie Strahan picked their final three dates.
During Sam Wood's season in 2013, the final three ladies were Lana Jeavons-Fellows, Sarah Mackay and Snezana Markoski.
Of course, we know Snezana would go on to win the whole show (the couple are now married and have two gorgeous children together), and Sam picked her for the first date.
He then chose the stunning intruder Lana for the second date, followed by Sarah for the third.
Sarah, the whip-smart events manager, missed out on a rose during the second-last episode, so she came in third.
Interesting, hey?
Lana Jeavons-Fellows, Sarah Mackay and his winner Snezana Markoski. Channel 10
During Richie Strahan's season in 2016, we had three gorgeous ladies - Olena Khamula, Alex Nation and Nikki Gogan - as our final three contestants.
Although we didn't know it at the time, the order in which Richie chose to take these three women on their finale single dates would eventually prove the outcome of the show.
He chose to spend time with the winner Alex Nation first, then Nikki Gogan, then Olena.
As Olena was chosen last, she was sent home before the finale episode.
Olena Khamula, Alex Nation and Nikki Gogan on Richie Strahan's season. Channel 10
And once again in Matty J's season in 2017, he took winner Laura Byrne out on a date first, then Elise, then Tara, proving again that it's the second runner-up, in this case Tara, who always gets the last date.
Elise Stacy, Tara Pavlovic, Matty J, and the winner Laura Byrne in 2017's season. Channel 10
So, with three previous seasons all proving this theory to be correct, we have a sneaking suspicion this means Chelsie will win Matt's heart, while poor Abbie could be left heartbroken.
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What do you think about this theory? Legit or just a crazy conspiracy?
Either way, in 24 hours we will know the definitive answer!