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The Bachelor's Top 4 kiss and tell

''I'm not 100% sure about Brooke''

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It's crunch time, as Nick Cummins would (probably) say, and the final four are about to invite the Honey Badger into their homes for home town visits.
But before they do, Brittany Hockley, Cass Wood, Brooke Blurton and Sophie Tieman have revealed some pretty juicy gossip, exclusively to OK!
The Bachelor's Top 4: Brittany Hockley, Cass Wood, Brooke Blurton and Sophie Tieman.

Brittany – “Cass had us fooled!”

"Nick got along with my family really well," says Port Macquarie native Brittany Hockley, who tells OK! the footy star's visit wasn't without drama."There was a minor hiccup, a bump in the road on my journey to find love."
What could have happened? Cass happened, according to Brit, 30.
"There was a realisation to do with Nick and Cass, basically," she said. "I never knew Cass and Nick were a thing in the outside world," says Brit, who tells us it was her sister who revealed her 'best friend' had an intimate relationship with Bachie prior to filming.
"We had spoken about it many, many, many times, and she had sworn black and blue that it never happened."
Honesty is important to Brit, who confronted Nick about the romance during his visit. She has no hard feelings towards him, though.
"If I can't take what she's saying at face value, then we shouldn't be friends. So I just believed her, as you do with a friend."
Brittany: "She had sworn black and blue it never happened."

Cass – “He’s met my family before”

"I was hoping to make the top four because Nick is who I want to end up with," says Cass Wood, who tells OK! she's 'especially' happy Brit and Soph made the cut, too.
"They're my two best friends. They're two genuine, nice girls."
So what about Brooke?
"I'm not 100 per cent sure of her. But I'm really confident in Brit and Soph because I know they're amazing girls," the 23-year-old gushes.
But when it was Nick's turn to meet Cass' parents, the Sydney-sider didn't find the introduction daunting because there was an icebreaker! "It was my birthday when my brother met him. I was out in Manly with a group of friends and he came and met me for a drink," Cass recalls.
Cass: "I was hoping to make the top four because Nick is who I want to end up with."

Brooke – “Nick kissing Britt hurts me the most”

"Meeting the family is massive," says Brooke Blurton, who's been a frontrunner from day dot!
"I got the chance to meet Nick's family earlier on and then he got the chance to meet mine. Maybe he sees a lot more in me now, but you never know,"' the 23-year-old says.
After kicking a 'real football' around with Nick in her hometown, Brooke invited him to her Pop's house for dinner.
"I definitely think that there's something there. I have very strong feelings for Nick in this situation. He just got to meet my family, so that definitely escalated a few feelings. But I guess I'm just really looking forward to how we might end up."
If Brooke's not the lucky lady, then who is?
"Britt definitely has a chance," the Perth girl tells OK! "I think they get along really well," she adds. "If anyone was watching their boyfriend kiss another girl, it's extremely awkward."
Brooke: "It's extremely awkward."

Sophie – “I’m falling for Nick”

Sophie Tieman, 25, tells OK! that her love story with Nick is only just beginning.
"My feelings for Nick were reciprocated on our date, and I could just feel in the moment that Nick wants to potentially get to know me more," she says.
"At this point in time I can see myself falling in love with Nick; he ticks all of my boxes. I can see a future with him."
From steamy spa smooches to sexy sessions on the beach, there's no shortage of chemistry between the footy star and Sydney's newest resident.
"I think his kissing keeps getting better and better," Soph tells, adding that Wednesday's episode was her best date yet.
"It was so much better knowing it was the last single date and it was mine."
Then, it was off to Soph's hometown, where Nick was faced with some serious questions from her two sisters. "[But], overall the consensus was that they really liked him."
Sophie: "I think his kissing keeps getting better and better."
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