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Could Tenille be the next Bachelorette?

''I’d definitely consider it''

By Anita Lyons
Ali Oetjen's season of the Bachelorette hasn't even aired yet, however, could we already have an early contender for the next lucky lady?
Last night, Tenille Favios, walked away from the mansion with her dignity intact and her head held high and we were heartbroken for her.
When the 25-year-old realised that it wasn't meant to be, she called it quits - something not many others would do.
Last night, Tenille and Nick's chat at the cocktail party ended with the brunette walking away.
While her exit was rough, we believe the flight attendant has everything that this franchise embodies - beauty, drama, emotion and grace - and frankly, she sounds like the perfect candidate for the next Bachelorette.
So would Tenille do it?
"I'm flattered that Australian audiences would want me to be the next Bachelorette," she told NW and Now to Love in an exclusive chat. "I'd definitely consider it".
That rose looks good on you, Tenille!
Consider it? Let's make it happen!
After the non-rose ceremony, Tenille was left feeling a little fragile - which frankly, after any breakup, we all do. (Relatable much?)
"I think many people can relate to this," she said. "Trying to make something work and unfortunately, when things don't work out, you start to question whether you're good enough."
Before coming on the show, Tenille had been single for four years and before that, hadn't been so lucky in love.
Tenille was very emotional during last night's episode.
"I'm actually fine to open up and I develop these feeling for these people and then they turn around and say 'I don't want to take things any further' and you just question the 'Why'," she said.
"Of course your mind is going to think, is it me? Could I have done something different? I think you don't have answers a lot of the time when these things come to an end."
Tenille also admitted that after watching a few seasons of the show, it looked really easy to fall in love - however this wasn't her experience.
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