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The Bachelor Australia's Rachael claims: “We all had a back-up plan!”

After it was revealed Rachael hit on a crew member, she divulges she wasn’t the only Bachelorette with a “Plan B”

By Karina Recchi
Fans were shocked last week when it was revealed Rachael had made moves on a crew member employed to be Bachelor Matt's minder on The Bachelor Australia.
But in a bombshell admission, Rachael tells TV WEEK many of the Bachelorettes had a love interest other than Matt.
"Before we'd go to bed, all the girls in the house would joke that only one girl was going to end up with Matt," she says. "So what were the rest of us going to do? What would our back-up plan be?
"The crew were good-looking, so everyone had their own guy they'd joke about and say, 'This guy is hot,' and, 'This guy is mine when I leave the house.'"
Rachael claims she wasn't the only one with a 'back up plan'.
Rachael, 23, says that after discovering Matt's minder lived near her in Sydney, she felt "it would make more sense to date him than it would to date Matt".
"I would always say it's a smart goal," she explains. "It's more attainable since there aren't 28 girls fighting for him."
While the crew member was in a relationship and not returning Rachael's advances, he still served as a distraction to the emptiness she was feeling on set.
"All the girls in the house had made these great connections with Matt and had these big feelings for him," she says. "But I thought, 'I don't feel this at all in any way shape or form,' adding that she'd been "thinking about walking out for two weeks".
"I had my bags packed," she tells TV WEEK. "Everyone is head-over-heels for this guy and I don't care about him at all."
Mary spills the beans to Matt this week.
While fellow Bachelorette Mary, 32, confesses that "having a Plan B is actually a smart thing to do", she says in the end she told Matt about Rachael's crush out of fear she'd lose her place in the competition.
"I didn't want to go home if she's there with a Plan B – I don't have a Plan B; I'm here for Matt," she explains, adding that she was disappointed he'd sent home Monique, 26, but kept Rachael.
"I told Matt, 'Last week you sent someone home. This girl was interested; she wanted to get to know you. But there's this girl and she's interested in someone else,'" Mary recalls. "It was terrible!"
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