All the WILD things that happened in the season premiere of the Bachelor 2019

But did you see Matt's hair?

By Anita Lyons
When Matt Agnew was announced as the Bachelor back in March, females around the country lost their collective minds.
And now, after watching the premiere episode, ovaries have exploded, knees have gone weak and Australia has fallen in love.
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And while Matt is dreamy AF, The Bachelor wouldn't be The Bachelor without the 28 women vying for his affection; and after meeting some of them on Wednesday night, we learnt A LOT.
From the outrageous entrances (ahem, "bride" Rachael) to the most romantic campfire ever to Matt's coiffed locks rivalling that of "our" Osher; if this ep was anything to go by, this is going to be the BEST season yet.
Behold, the craziest things that happened in the first episode of "Astro-boy wants a wife"... We mean, The Bachelor 2019.