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Bachelor Australia shock claims about Brooke: "They realised she was big competition!"

The tripod are lifting the lid on Honey's front-runners.

By NW team
It was obvious from the moment they met, The Bachelor's Nick Cummins and Brooke Blurton had an intense connection. But according to some of Bachelorettes, Brooke and Nick's chemistry became a heated topic between the contestants in the mansion.
When NW caught up with The Bachelor's controversial girl gang Romy, Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Cat Henesy, The Tripod spilled secrets from inside the Bachelor mansion, including that some of the girls vying for Nick's heart felt threatened by Brooke and Nick's spark.
And because of this, the girls say beloved Brooke, 23, has been targeted by their fellow Bachelorettes.
Alisha Aitken-Radburn, Cat Henesy and Romy Poulier have branded themselves the 'Tripod'.
"Brittany [Hockley] and Sophie [Tieman] were sassy, opinionated and whispering all the time," claims Romy.
"We overheard quite a lot of the comments and I think that they realised Brooke was big competition and between them, they definitely had an opinion about it. I love Brooke, she's a legend, so I think it was a jealousy thing."
Jealousy, indeed, as Cat says she believes Brooke is the most compatible for Nick!
"I think girls find Brooke as a threat and they just obviously can see she is a front runner," she admits. "There is clearly chemistry between them."
Romy, Cat and Alisha say the girls in the mansion were threatened by Nick and Brooke's connection.
Cat insists that while she and her gang are guilty of saying things that ruffle feathers, they shouldn't be singled out.
"Britt and Sophie wouldn't do anything on camera, but they'd put up a sheet around their bed and be whispering and talking about everyone," spills Cat.
"It's all well and good people trolling me and calling me a bully, but I'm honest – sue me!"
The Tripod have spoken out about Sophie and Brittany.
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