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Shock Bachelor reveal: “It should have been Brooke!”

The top two fear they were never Nick’s choice!

By OK! team
Nick Cummins never saw it coming.
The Bachelor was left a shattered man when Brooke Blurton, 23, exited the show on her own accord. He revealed to viewers, "It wasn't part of my plan."
And now, although Nick's chosen his winner, fans are clueless as to where Nick's heart truly lies.
Brooke Blurton walks out of the Bachelor mansion.
"Sophie and I will never know if it was supposed to be one of us that were leaving," Brittany Hockley, 30, admits in her own sad admission to OK!.
"Obviously, that seed is in the back of your head that maybe you're not supposed to be here."
Sophie Tieman, 25, agrees. "I have absolutely no idea where Nick's head is at after Brooke."
Britt Hockley doesn't know if it was supposed to be her leaving.
And what makes matters worse, is that both the final two ladies have fallen in love with the 30-year-old rugby star.
"Nick gives me butterflies. He makes me feel like a million dollars," says fan favourite Brittany, while Soph tells OK!, "I can't actually imagine him not in my life."
Sophie Tieman has fallen in love with the Badgelor.
"I'm going to miss you, Brooke," were Nick's final words to the WA beauty, who says she felt hurt by his lack of commitment.
In an exclusive interview with OK! last week, Brooke revealed her feelings for the former rugby player.
"I definitely think that there's something there. I have very strong feelings for Nick in this situation. He just got to meet my family, so that definitely escalated a few feelings. But I guess I'm just really looking forward to how we might end up."
If Brooke's not the lucky lady, then who is?
"Britt definitely has a chance," the Perth girl tells OK! "I think they get along really well," she adds.
"If anyone was watching their boyfriend kiss another girl, it's extremely awkward."
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