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The Bachelor Australia Exclusive: Britt reveals getting to the top three is 'bittersweet'

The radiographer hopes that if it isn't her at the end, it's her best friend

By Zara Zubeidi
Having travelled the world, Britt has achieved more than most at the age of 30.
The radiographer says her life experience stands her in good stead ahead of the show's finale.
"The other two girls are quite a bit younger," she explains to TV WEEK.
"I've travelled a lot more and am very independent. When I'm with Nick [who's also 30], I realise more and more that we're on the same path and want the same things."
Britt previously revealed that starting a family would be on the cards for her and Nick, however timing is key.
"We both want kids and marriage, but in a few years," Britt says.
"Neither of us wants to settle down just yet. I've told him I want to see more of the world, and he definitely wants to get on board with that."
Britt feels that her and Nick are on the same path in life.
Last week, we saw Britt's dad, Tony, grill Nick about his intentions during hometowns visits.
But Britt insists Nick needn't worry should he be invited to the next family get-together.
"My dad is such a softie," she says with a laugh.
"He's a huge teddy bear – a very protective one. I'm daddy's little girl and he knows I've been through quite a bit in my last relationship."
Britt receives a rose during her single date.
Britt must also accept that her best friend Sophie stands in the way of her finding true love. She calls it a "bittersweet situation".
"A lot of people won't understand this, but if it isn't me, I'd want Nick to end up with her," she says.
"I'd be happy for them."
The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm on Network Ten.
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