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People are convinced this photo proves exactly who will win The Bachelor 2019

Conspiracy theory or legit intel?

By Rebecca Sullivan
The countdown is officially on until the finale of The Bachelor airs on Thursday and we'll finally find out which lucky lady will end up with our Bachie, Matt Agnew.
But already social media has gone into overdrive with conspiracy theories about exactly who will win.
Eagle-eyed fans have come up with one very interesting theory - with photo evidence! - which they say absolutely proves what the outcome will be.
A photo collage being circulated widely on Facebook shows a mashup of the "final three" promo photos that Channel 10 have issued during the finale weeks on previous seasons The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.
In every single photo, the contestant who ended up winning is always standing in the middle.
As you can see below, winners Lee Elliott (from Georgia Love's season), Sasha Mielczarek (from Sam Frost's season), Stu Laundy (from Sophie Monk's season) and Alex Nation (from Richie Strahan's season), are all standing in the middle in these photos.
This photo montage has fans convinced Chelsie wins. Facebook
And in the promo photo Channel 10 issued to promote this season's finale week, Chelsie is standing in the middle, beside Helena and Abbie.
This very interesting photo placement has led fans to speculate that it will be the lovely chemical engineer Chelsie who will win Matt's heart on Thursday night's finale.
What do you think? Is this theory legit? Channel 10
Many fans think Chelsie and Matt would make the perfect match, thanks to their shared passion for science and their views on becoming parents.
And it seems Chelsie is head-over-heels for the astrophysicist.
"At this point I can really picture a life with Matt," Chelsie, 28, told TV WEEK.
"Matt says he wants three kids and I want two. It's definitely something I want to do in the near future, but I want to achieve a few more things in my career first."
Chelsie thinks Matt would be a "really good dad".
"He says he wants to be a very hands-on dad and even had the idea of being a stay-at-home dad," she said.
WATCH BELOW: Matt Agnew reveals his entire health and fitness regimen. Story continues after video.
Matt is remaining tight-lipped as to whether he'll get down on one knee at the final rose ceremony – though he did say he's "known to be spontaneous".
But would Chelsie accept a proposal should there be one?
"I probably wouldn't," she said. "It'd be the beginning of a great relationship together, with the prospect of getting married in the future!"