The Bachelor Australia

Could the 2019 cast of The Bachelor be the most diverse one yet?

We still have a long way to go.

By Alex Lilly
When it comes to reality television, especially The Bachelor, there are certain characters that always pop up.
There's the kooky girl who'll turn up to the mansion in a costume, the sweet innocent one who will no doubt burst into tears and the effortlessly cool girl who always ends up in the top three.
But while these Bachie archetypes and personalities are rather diverse, the same can't be said for the cast when it comes to their physical traits.
Indeed, last year's Bachelor producers found themselves in hot water when the full cast was revealed, with fans of the show complaining about the "whitewashed" and "skinny" girls competing for Nick Cummins' heart.
"Oh look #TheBachelorAU cast is revealed. Surprise Surprise an all white cast... oh wait.. Only one woman of colour. Way to represent Australia @TheBachelorAU," one person tweeted.
Another wrote on Instagram, "Why do they only have skinny fit chicks on here?"
Take a look for yourself in the video below. Post continues after video...
But thankfully this year, it seems like the casting team have learned their lesson and included a variety of races and body types to the typical white, skinny blonde mix of girls.
23 year-old model Vakoo Kauapirura told the Daily Telegraph that she's "happy to be one of the first black girls on the show," in its seventh season.
"There are so many standards of beauty so I'm really excited to be part of the season of diversity," she said, adding, "I knew within myself that I was on the show because of who I am as person and what I have to offer."
23 year-old Vakoo hit back at tokenism allegations and says she's happy to be one of the first black girls on the show. (Image: Network Ten)
Vakoo's not the only non-white contestant in the mix this year either.
Both Sogand Mohtat, 30, and Danush Deravi, 34, have spoken proudly about their Persian heritage, with Sogand even proposing to Matt in Farsi. And according to a recent report from Woman's Day, we'll be seeing plenty of fireworks between the two.
There's also self-described Brazilian beauty, 31 year-old Mary Viturino, who's set to rock up to the mansion in a samba costume, so that'll be one entrance to watch.
Sogand and Danush are this season's Persian beauties. (Images: Network Ten)
But it's not just racially that we're seeing some differences.
Yes, there are still plenty of women in the mansion who could easily be Victoria's Secret models, but the producers have thrown us some curves, literally.
We were jumping for joy when we saw 30 year-old Jess Brody's curvaceous figure adorned with tattoos, for example, but of course there's still a long way to go.
The 2019 Bachelorettes are the most diverse bunch yet. (Image: Network Ten)
It's believed that the Bachelor or Bachelorette gives the producers an idea of the qualities they're looking in a partner and they seek out girls or guys matching those qualities.
At the time of the 2016 Census, Australia's population was made up of people from over 190 countries and 300 different ancestries. So surely one of the biggest reality shows in the country can reflect that cultural melting pot?
Matt's looking for someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously and a best friend. Neither of those are physical qualities and yet the vast majority of this year's contestants are white, skinny women - and none have a disability either.
Good luck on your quest for love Matt, we can't wait to tune in and we love the cast already. But let's hope the next Bachelor has an even more diverse bunch of Bachelorettes to choose from.