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Bachelor Australia 2018 contestants: Before and after makeovers

From lip fillers, to plastic surgery, to lengthy hair extension - my, haven't they changed!

By OK! team
There's no denying the women vying for The Bachelor Nick Cummins' heart are all jaw-dropping gorgeous. But before they made their television debuts on The Bachelor Australia, stepping into the world of glamorous cocktail parties and extravagant dates, some of the ladies looked, well, a little different.
From Cass Wood's pre-hair extension high school days, to Sophie Tieman's fuller lips, we take a look back at the girls' stunning transformations into Bachelorettes.
Take a look at the best Bachelor Australia contestants before and afters!

Sophie Tieman

Stunning Sophie Tieman has come under fire in the Bachelor mansion for supposedly dating Cat Henesy's ex-boyfriend just weeks before she went on the show.
And now Sophie's arch nemesis Cat questions the 25-year-old's honesty when it comes to her looks. "Oh mate, I love that Sophie told everyone that she's only had 1ml of lip filler," Cat tells OK!. "What? 1ml every week?"
Sophie's lightened her hair since her school days, and appears to have plumped her pout.
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Cass Wood

Oh, sweet Cass! The Sydney beach babe has grown up since her Home and Away high school days.
The soap extra has updated her look with long, platinum blonde hair extensions which Bachie fans the were not impressed by.
Cass with her ex-boyfriend in her Summer Bay uniform.
Baby-faced, skater girl Cass vs Bachie Cass.

Blair Thomas

Statuesque Blair Thomas has transformed her tresses from icy, bleach blonde to a more subtle caramel tone. She's also had her lips adjusted with cosmetic tattooing.
"Blair had a very uneven lip line and some parts no lip line definition at all," explains the technician at Little Beauty Lane whop perfected Blair's pout. "We created a lip line with a natural blend to give a defined look plus evening her left side to match her right with size."
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Vanessa Sunshine

No, Sunshine is not Vanessa's actual surname, it's Bennet! We do think Sunshine has a nice ring to it.
Already labelled one of the 'villains' of this year's series, she's also copped backlash for using an offensive term online, commenting that she looked "slightly retarded" in a photo (below) dating back to 2009.
The legal secretary is yet to address or apologise for the unearthed comment.
Amid the backlash, we couldn't help but notice how different the Bachie beauty looked eight years ago!
Vanessa Sunshine has certainly caused a stir in the mansion.
Vanessa pictured sandwiched by two of her pals back in 2009.

Dasha Gaivoronski

She's the mum-of-one, Russian expat who has caught the eye of The Honey Badger, but Dasha has endued a long and at times tough journey to get to the Bachelor mansion. The 32-year-old has revealed she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage as well as depression when her first marriage ended. Through the pain, Dasha says fitness was her shining light.
Taking to Instagram, Dasha shared a before and after snap of her bikini body, four years apart.
"I have never shared any sort of my personal transformation so here is my first. And it's not just about the body transformation, here I'd like to open up about the mental side of things," she wrote.
"On the left I`m a wife and a mum to one year old little Leon. Severely depressed... No gym, was consuming tons of sweets on a daily basis, sleep deprived and completely lost."
"On the right this is me now, 4 years later. Single mum with the strong feminine identify, happy and pretty much fearless."
Go, girl!
Dasha has also been very open about undergoing a breast enlargement after the birth of her son.
"I've always been quite conscious about my boob situation because I didn't have any," she revealed to NW.
"So when I stopped breastfeeding my son, it seemed like the perfect time to get them done."

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