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Bachelor contestant Vakoo made a BIG impression onscreen, but wait until you see her INSANE modelling portfolio

She's drop dead stunning.

By Jess Pullar
As The Bachelor 2019 kicks off, we're absolutely frothing over all the usual quirky personalities as they exit the limo and try their hands at woo-ing Australia's most eligible man.
And the pink-and-tulle-clad Vakoo Kauapirua is absolutely no different.
In fact, as soon as we first clapped eyes on the stunning 23-year-old, we knew we were in for a memorable display.
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And yes, we'd be very surprised if you needed to clarify her name after her hilarious intro - "Hi, my name is Vakoo" might well be one of this season's most quotable lines.
But what's even more striking about this stunning New South Wales gal is her background, which incidentally, happens to involve modelling. And lots of it.
Just one glance at her Instagram page will tell you as much.
The African beauty is no stranger to the cameras, with a plethora of stunning images featuring on her feed.
Okay, this gal is stunning. (Instagram /@itsvakoo)
Of course she's perfected the humble bikini shot. (Instagram /@itsvakoo)
Eat your heart out, Matt! (Instagram /@itsvakoo)
And while her confidence is clear in the gorgeous pics, the beautiful model has already given us some insight into her personality before heading into the Bachelor mansion, revealing that she needs to let her guard down if she hopes to find love.
She's also put her hand up to be the "nice" one if any of the usual "mean girl" drama heats up!
"I get along with everyone. If there are girls who are bullies or rude to other girls who can't stand up for themselves then I will take on that sister role," she said.
Vakoo is ready to find love. (Network Ten)
And if anything, we can definitely trust she'll stay positive throughout - her Instagram is testament to that.
In one post featuring the model standing in direct sunlight, Vakoo wrote: "My intuition is telling me they'll be better days 🙏🏾"
Wonder if these are those so-called better days, Vakoo?
Needless to say we can't wait to see more of her - here's hoping Matt agrees!
A literal ray of sunshine. We can't wait to see more of Vakoo! (Instagram /@itsvakoo)

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