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The Bachelor 2019: Meet the outspoken Brazilian mum Mary - she's a wild one!

The Brazilian single mum is many things. Outspoken is one of them.

By Fiona Wright
As The Bachelor 2019 hits our screens, we're obsessed with finding out everything you need to know about the ladies vying to be handed ALL the roses by our Bach-ophysicist.
And the gorgeous Mary Viturino is one to watch.
When the Brazillian beauty stepped out of the limo, she stunned in a cut-out sequinned gown and from the moment she met Matt, we knew she was going to keep him on his toes.
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So who is Mary Viturino?
As her Bachelor journey unfolds, if there's one thing we can be sure to expect from Mary, it's brutal honesty.
When questioned which previous Bachelor contestant she was most like, the sassy 31-year-old confidently told 10 Daily: "None of those bitches. None of them. I'm pretty unique."
Alrighty then!
The Brazillian beauty is a firecracker.
It's fair to say Mary is a girl of many layers. On her Instagram bio she describes herself as a "Christian girl, Brazilian beauty, Rio de Janeiro babe, Black Queen, Single mum, Fashion lover, Music fanatic, Dance enthusiast."
And scrolling through her posts, she lives up to all of these labels - and more.
As much as she loves working out, she also likes a selfie or two in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors at the gym.
A gym workout followed by a selfie. (Image: Instagram/maryviturino18)
When she's not keeping fit, Mary loves to frock up.
Her Insta feed shows she's spent more than a day or two at the races and by the looks of it, this filly has even scored a place in the Fashions On The Fields competition.
Mary proves she's fashionable on and off the field. (Image: Instagram/maryviturino18)
Mary's a straight shooter and while she might appear like she has all the confidence in the world, her soft spot clearly lies with her daughter.
The adorable mini-me pics she posts show the little fashionista is following in her mama's stylish footsteps.
It's clear Mary's daughter gets it from her mama. Cute! (Image: Instagram/maryviturino18)
In a post that shows Mary - like all of us - is simply looking for love, she shared this sweet poem:
The Princess Stopped Waiting
"She stopped looking for her other half. For she realized she was whole.
"Unblemished nor lacking, she was imperfect perfection itself.
"She blamelessly loved herself on her own.
"Another person's love was just another jewel to the crown she held.
"The only love she needed the most was from herself."
By Conee Berdera
So, will Princess Mary win the heart of her Bachelor Prince?
We will be watching to see if this single mama gets her happily ever after.

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