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Who is The Bachelor's Kristen Czyszek? Meet the researcher vying for Matt's heart

Have you heard that she's been to China?

By Alex Lilly
As an astrophysicist, this year's Bachelor values education and intellect in a prospective partner. So could Kristen Czyszek be The One?
The 24 year-old Queenslander certainly caught Matt Agnew's eye at the very first cocktail party in her red ruffled dress.
But there's one particular country that she just can't get enough of.
Nicknamed by her friends as "China Girl", Kristen is mad about the Asian country, having just returned from a two-year stint there as part of her research job.
Not only is she fascinated by Chinese culture, but this blonde beauty is also a talented linguist and showed off her Mandarin speaking skills during her first encounter with the handsome Bachelor. And seeing as red is a lucky colour in Chinese culture, things may be looking good for her!
Kristen also showed her cheeky side when she told Matt "I see you've been checking out my box," but the contents of the box ended up being quite sweet. Inside was a fortune cookie with the message: "All the love you desire is within your reach."
Kristen surprised Matt with a fortune cookie on their first meeting. (Image: Network Ten)
Originally hailing from sunny Queensland, Kristen's LinkedIn profile says that she currently works as a Graduate Research Officer for Trade and Investment Queensland.
Before that, the researcher worked in marketing and communications for AustCham Beijing, the China-Australia Chamber of Commerce in the Chinese capital until July 2018. And it's safe to say China is a very important part of her life.
"My dream is to eventually be running an empire where I've helped thousands of young Australian children be able to learn Mandarin," she confessed during the Bachelor premiere.
Kristen is back in Australia after living and working in China. (Image: LinkedIn)
In fact, some reports have even claimed Kristen is a foreign spy, seeing as the details of her work in China are shrouded in mystery.
On top of that, Kristen's Instagram account was made purely for the show, so we can't see any photos from her day-to-day life before she appeared on The Bachelor.
The majority of social media platforms are blocked in China, but seeing as she's been back in Australia for almost a year, her lack of presence on Instagram has left some stumped.
But the good news is that Kristen has been posting plenty of pics from her time in the mansion, captioning her snaps in both English and Mandarin.
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Despite the mystery around her job, it's safe to say that Kristen is a sweetheart.
In the self-awareness group date, her fellow contestants agreed that she is the most selfless person in the house, with Elly and Emma coming in second and third, respectively.
Let's stay tuned to see if this cutie makes it all the way to the finale!
Selfless and smart, Kristen seems like the full package! (Image: Network Ten)

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