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The Bachelor 2019: An STD scandal ROCKS the mansion

''She was pretty vocal about it...''

By NW team
Following reports that Matt might have bedded one of the contestants, NW has heard of crazy rumours that one girl actually had an STD when she entered the mansion. Say whaaat?!
"She was pretty vocal about it and soon enough all the girls in the house were talking about her having gonorrhoea," our source tells. "Supposedly her ex-boyfriend gave it to her before she came on the show."
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The Bachelorette in question also apparently shared her "sexual kinks" to the other girls, reveals the source.
"Although some of them were a bit uncomfortable with what she was discussing so openly." Well, each to their own!
However, the STD rumour might be just that, as all Bachelor hopefuls are thoroughly tested during the application process.
"It's true we had to have STD/STI tests – it's like a background check," one former Bachie babe reveals.
"Why not, given what's happened on previous shows in other countries?"
If the results are positive, they're shown the door.
Say what? (Source: Network Ten)
But this isn't the only scandal to rock the mansion!
In fact, during a cocktail party, Abbie Chatfield and Matt shared a very sneaky make-out session - causing chaos among the women.
After Isabelle Davies was eliminated from the house, she opened up to Now to Love about Abbie, calling her a "classic Gemini".
"They're [Gemini's] very up and down," she said. "And they have multiple personalities. Abbie was very emotional sometimes and then others she'd be caring and she'd have all of these personalities, but you never knew which personality Abbie would go with for the day."
And it when it came to the make-out session in the orchard, Isabelle revealed that the girls were truly "shook".
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"You know, Matt was on there to find a wife and Abbie is still quite young and flirty. We all thought that he would send her home for sure, so when she came back in [from the orchard] we were in such a state of shock and just didn't believe it."
At the time, Isabelle and some of the other girls wondered if Abbie had been "lying" about the whole thing to "ruffle some feathers" but "watching it back last night, it was very real."
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