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Oh God. The Bachelor's Nichole Wood and a MAFS groom were spotted getting cosy on Instagram

She maybe could have tried to hide it better...

By Anita Lyons
We are literally only into week two of The Bachelor and already, the stars of its show are proving that contracts mean nothing.
Over the weekend, motorcycle riding tomboy, Nichole Wood, stepped out (with luscious brown locks no less) with a Married at First Sight groom, and to be honest, we wondered when a reality TV crossover would happen.
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Taking to his Instagram stories on Saturday night, MAFS groom, Dan Webb, shared a video with the brazen café manager, looking to be having a very lovely time, smiling and clinking glasses - no doubt celebrating the raucous they were about to cause with his 113k followers.
While there was no intimate moment per sé, tounges were certainly sent wagging wondering how these two could possibly know each other.
Well, for starters they're both from QLD - and also, reality TV.
The Bachelor's Nichole and Dan Webb from MAFS hung out together over the weekend. (Image: Instagram @danwebbs)
According to a Daily Mail insider, "they've actually been friends for years".
In fact, they also seem to socialise in the same circles and have a ton of mutual friends.
But they're not the only MAFS/The Bachelor cross-over that has surfaced.
In fact, the other Bachelorette in question is Nichole's (so-called) doppelganger, Monique Morley.
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In fact, the stunning 26-year-old blonde was onced romanced by MAFS star Jessika Power's "hot brother" Rhyce.
NW confirmed the pair officially dated for a few months.
They remain close, but Monique might still have feelings for the tattooed hunk...
"They made a great couple. She thought Rhyce was amazing and was a bit sad when it ended," dishes a friend.
Rhyce's sister Jess approved of the match, telling NW, "They've known each other for years. Monique deserves all the love in the world!''
Rhyce Power and Monique Morley were once an item. (Image: Instagram @moniquemorley)
According to a Now to Love source, Rhyce, who is the brother of controversial MAFS star Jessika Power, considers the Monique "the one that got away".
"Rhyce has said things to Monique like 'We're going to get married when we're in the same place it'll happen I know it,'" the insider said.
"He's also told her 'I hope Matt doesn't end up with you because I want you.'"

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