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EXCLUSIVE: Battle of the blondes! What REALLY happened between The Bachelor's Nichole and Monique

''You're a try-hard b--ch!''

By NW team
We're only on week two of The Bachelor, but the fur is already flying!
Last week saw the arrival of eight intruders vying to win Matt Agnew's final rose, but one in particular ruffled feathers – Ms Monique Morley.
Indeed, as soon as the 26-year-old entered the mansion, she was labelled Nichole Wood's doppelganger by the OG girls – including Nichole herself!
But NW can reveal that the blonde beauty wasn't thrilled with the comparison...
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Yep, a close friend of the Bachie babe tells us that she "despises" Gold Coast cafe manager Nichole.
"Monique certainly isn't shy about sharing how she really feels about Nichole," dishes our spy. "Basically, she thinks she's a b--ch and reckons she's such a try-hard."
And the feisty fashion designer herself admits that she believes Nichole, 25, has a case of the green-eyed monster."She is jealous of me," Monique tells us. "The whole comparison thing was just really childish, and frankly, I don't see how we are doppelgangers at all. I just think it shows her age – she's just really young and immature."
Monique also adds that she thinks Nichole is just "sad" and poses no threat in the race for Matt's affections. "I'm definitely not intimidated by her at all," she insists.
Monique is already ruffling feathers! (Network Ten)
While it's clear that the newbie's feeling a little frosty towards her love rival, Nichole reckons Monique just needs to learn how to take a joke!
"Obviously with the intruders coming in we were all making jokes and comparing ourselves to them, but it was just a bit of banter," Nichole explains. "Some people just took it way too personally."
She adds that although it may have looked like she was jealous over the new girl's arrival, it was all down to editing.
"I have no issue with Monique, I was just joking that we looked similar!" she asserts. "I don't see her as a threat at all and never did!"
OK, hun... but that's not what your roomie Rachael Arahill tells us!
When NW asked her about the feud, Rachael, 23, confirmed that Nichole was less than thrilled with her lookalike waltzing into the competition.
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"Monique's an intimidating person," Rachael reveals.
"She's beautiful, she's smart and headstrong as well. She knows what she wants and won't settle for anything less. Nichole was compared to her because they're both tomboys, they look quite similar. Nichole is definitely jealous."
Pass the popcorn – we've got a feeling this fight's only going to get juicier!
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