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Bachelor All-Stars Laura Byrne and Matty J spill on their upcoming cameo

''It was bizarre being back in the mansion!''

Matt Agnew will be in safe hands on The Bachelor Australia this week, when four Bachie 'All-Stars' help him navigate the tough end of the series. With seven ladies left, Matt is going to have to start making some big decisions as he tries to find "the one."
Fortunately, he'll have former stars Laura Byrne, Matty J, Snezana Markoski and Sam Wood to rely on this week. While the boys hang back in the Bach Pad and offer up some advice to Matt, the ladies – who both happened to be pregnant during filming – take the time to meet with the contestants and select one woman who they see as Matt's "potential winner."
TV WEEK caught up with Laura and Matty J ahead of their on-screen return, to find out what went down during their visit.
How did being back in the Bachelor Mansion feel? Did it bring back old memories?
Laura: It was bizarre. I could really empathise with the girls and how they are feeling at this point. It can be very emotionally challenging. But, it is also really EXCITING. I feel so grateful that I met Matt and we now have our little family, it's crazy to think we met in the Bach mansion and maybe Matt Agnew will also meet the person he's going to spend the rest of his life with. It's pretty magic.
Matty J: It felt like a life time ago that I was the Bachelor! It was really nostalgic for me, even though this season is filmed in a different Bach pad. It made me feel really grateful for the experience I had, for meeting Laura and for our little family.
Matty J and Laura Byrne return to the Bachie mansion!
What did you think of Matt's selection of girls generally?
Laura: The girls are wonderful. Matt has great taste! Our poor astro Bachie has got a really hard decision ahead of him. At the end of the day he just needs to follow his heart.
What is your advice to Matt as he navigates through the final weeks of the series?
Matty J: Follow your heart and have fun. You are never going to have this experience again and you might just meet the woman you're going to spend the rest of your life with.
The gang try to help Matt Agnew figure out who "the one" is.
What is your advice to Matt and his chosen girl post-show?
Matty J: It's so important to support each other and communicate about everything post show. I always tell Laura don't read comments on social media or on The Daily Mail, the opinions of strangers on your relationship is in no way a reflection of what you guys have. It is such a unique experience that the two of you share together coming out of the show, and at the end of the day you have each other to lean on through all the ups and downs.
Laura: ENJOY IT and enjoy each other's uninterrupted company. Try not to get bogged down or worry too much about the crazy media circus that follows because it really is short lived. Focus on each other, your relationship and all the things you can do together now that you don't have to keep a secret anymore.
The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network 10.

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