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The Bachelor's Matt Agnew reveals that he "satisfies" his winner in the bedroom, and can we not?

It's a little TMI, but good for them...

By Anita Lyons
If you were wondering why The Bachelor's Matt Agnew always has a goofy grin on his face, you're about to find out why.
During a chat with KIISFM's Kyle and Jackie O show, the 32-year-old revealed that not only is he still with the winner, but apparently their sex is astronomically good.
While he didn't use those exact words, we are almost 100 per cent sure that's what he meant - considering he asked for some "feedback" the first time he and his lady love had sex.
"I just straight up asked [how it was]," Matt revealed to the co-hosts.
"I'm not taking notes but making sure that both parties are enjoying themselves," he added, forever the charming gentleman.
"The best part of a relationship is that [sex] is going to get better as you learn about each other and what you enjoy and don't. It comes with being a good partner."
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He sure is good at kissing! (Source: Network Ten)
According to our astrophysicist/data scientist/banker, Matt is still with the winner and very much "in love", and while they haven't seen each other in a month, they speak on the phone every single day.
During a segment on Studio Ten with Denise Scott during the week, Matt revealed that he used a rose emoji as the contact name for his chosen one - which frankly, is a bit cute.
But what was not cute, was when host Kyle Sandilands asked if they engaged in Skype sex.
"There's elements to our relationship... I'll let your imagination run wild!"
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It's not the first time we've heard details about the Bachelor's sex life. In fact, just over a week ago, there were some serious rumours that Matt was the first Bachie to have sex in the mansion.
Of course, he shut down the rumours pretty quick smart.
"There's just no way anything like that can go down," he told Kyle and Jackie. "It's just very heavy scrutiny."
Contestant Abbie Chatfield agreed with Matt's sentiments in a chat with TV WEEK.
When asked about the allegations, the curly-haired star said it'd be "impossible".
"We don't even get a minute with Matt off camera," she explains.
"And there's always someone next to us. It's impossible!"
To be honest, we don't need to know the details...

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