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SPOILER ALERT: Body language expert claims Matt Agnew's already split from the winner

It's all in his eyes...

By Anita Lyons
When The Bachelor's Matt Agnew appeared on Network Ten's Have You Been Paying Attention, he was quizzed on whether or not he'd found love.
And while his response, as he put it, was "suitably vague", it had fans around the country questioning whether he was still with the winner from the hit show.
After the appearance, KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O called the 32-year-old and quizzed him about the theory.
"No ... what's the... I have heard whispers of this," Matt said, convincing no-one.
"Do you have any more details of this?" he added, clearly trying to deflect the question and buy himself some more time.
Executive producer Sonja, a.k.a Palestine, chimed into the conversation and said: "It's because you said on Have You Been Paying Attention, 'I pick a girl from the show', but you didn't specify its the one from the end that you pick."
"I like to be suitably vague," Matt said. "I like to keep the audience guessing, it would be boring if it was too easy wouldn't it?"
Matt Agnew with the host of Have You Been Paying Attention, Tom Gleisner. (Source: Network Ten)
You may have also noticed that Matt often looks down when he's being interviewed (or sitting with a beautiful girl), almost "searching" for answers.
So, what does this all mean?
We asked body language expert Louise Mahler what she thought about it all and she revealed some very interesting clues as to whether he's still in a relationship or not.
"He's looking down, but that's just where he looks," she told Now to Love in an exclusive chat.
"He's a kinesthetic preference [tactile] and that's where he looks to think. So when he's doing those interviews and he's looking down it's meaningless, but what I thought was meaningful, was at the very end of Have You Been Paying Attention they say to him: 'so you've found someone you love?', his eyes flick down, and when he looks back up, there's no real excitement in his eyes."
"He likes her, but that's it."
WATCH NEXT: Watch Matt talk about the winner on Have You Been Paying Attention. Story continues...
Dr Louise also believes that when Matt talks about "how" he keeps in contact with the winner, it's a huge giveaway.
"Ahh, you can't really," Matt told Tom Gleisner, the host of HYBPA when asked "how do you still see each other".
"Now, that's the giveaway," Dr Louise said. "Because all of them have. They've done things, they've gone away. They've got secret places, but he said: 'you can't'. So I'm thinking, he's found someone he quite likes, and when the show is finished, he's happy to get together with them and do the photos and who knows what will happen, but it's not true love."
Matt has a penchant for looking down when being interviewed. (Source: Now to Love)
There's also a lot of talk as to whether Matt would be thinking with his head if he chose Abbie, particularly because of their incredible sexual chemistry; but Dr Louise believes there's more to it than that.
"Abbie actually has the best voice I've heard in a woman on the program," she revealed. "This says to me that she's got some sort of intellect. She actually has a warm and rounded voice and I get the impression she's quite educated."
Well, there you have it!
Abbie and Matt may have more than sexual chemistry. (Source: Network Ten)

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