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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Mary can't get a date and we need to do something about it

''People don't often give a chance to single mums.''

By Anita Lyons
When Matt Agnew failed to call out The Bachelor's Mary Viturino on Thursday's episode, hearts collectively broke around Australia.
A fan favourite, Mary was outspoken in the best possible way, bringing some serious flavour and sass to the season. So, when she didn't a receive a rose - it was all of us who were devastated - maybe a little more than even Matt was.
During a chat with Now to Love, Mary revealed a shocking truth about her dating life - a) she's still single and b) she finds it extremely hard to meet anyone because she has a child - five-year-old Chanel.
Mary shares her daughter with her ex-husband - an Aussie she met in Rio, Brazil when she was just 25. The pair fell madly in love, before becoming engaged and moving to Australia together.
"I did get married young because most of my friends, they were church friends, and they were all married young and you know, I always wanted to have a relationship," Mary said, before saying that she came from a "very strict upbringing without one night stands".
"I found this guy and we were so in love and it was just beautiful. It was like a beautiful story and it was great while it lasted, so now it's just, thank you next!"
The Bachelor's Mary and her five-year-old daughter, Chanel. (Source: Instagram/MaryViturino)
After six years of marriage, the couple's relationship ended, preferring not to give all the details, she did admit that "you can love someone regardless of what they do".
"Sometimes, you gotta be like, OK, I can still love that person but I can move on because obviously that person doesn't know how to love you back the same way," she said.
When she was ready again, the 32-year-old turned to the dating apps to find companionship and while she is an absolute catch, the cafe cook was disappointed with the response she received about having a child - which is why she decided to go on The Bachelor.
"I was single for a while and I was like it's very hard as a single mum to get a proper date with that guy," she admitted.
"That is to really to give you a chance. And soon the number one thing that I would get from guys on on dating apps was like 'Oh you're a mum. I don't want to have this type of responsibility'.
"People think that just because you're a single mum and you wanna go on a date you're asking for someone to be the father of your child. And that's not true. You're just like, I just want to go on a date and have a good time and see what happens next. People don't often give a chance to single mums."
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While she didn't find love with Matt (revealing she may have even "friend zoned myself") she does have a beautiful relationship with Chanel who turns six in November.
"We love playing dress up," Mary said of her gorgeous mini-me.
"She only gets to watch the rose part," she said, when it comes to watching her mum on TV. "It's not very PG, especially when Abbie is on TV. But, she thinks I'm getting married. She always says, 'Mum, you got a rose! You're getting married." So cute!
Mary was the "house mum" in the mansion. (Source: Network Ten)
In no surprise to anyone, Mary was the "mum" of the house (even Rachael Arahill agreed) and says it's because she's out here just trying to live her "best life".
"You don't need a lot. You don't need to be rich," Mary said. "I'm grateful for living. For waking up every day. I have a beautiful kid. We have a roof over our heads.
"We're not sleeping on the street like some people who are struggling to have something to eat. I work. I work in a cafe, but I work and people don't have a job, so you know, I am grateful for everything I have."
So, if there are any eligible men out there - you better snap Mary up, and fast!

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