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The Bachelor Exclusive: The reason Chelsie couldn’t tell Matt she loves him

''Part of me doesn’t want to look silly...''

By Karina Recchi and Tina Burke
Tonight's episode of The Bachelor Australia saw Matt Agnew meet the friends and family of the four remaining contestants.
Frontrunner Chelsie McLeod was "so excited" to introduce Matt to her family, along with showing him how "easily" their lives would blend together in their hometown of Melbourne.
The 28-year-old Chemical Engineer brought Matt home to meet her mum, Julie, dad, John – known as 'Snowy' – and her sister Shannon.
Matt copped a grilling from Shannon, but the evening was filled with laughter and love. Though Chelsie told her family and the cameras that she's falling in love with him, she wasn't able to bring herself to tell Matt.
"The more I get to know Matt, the more I fall for him," she said. "But I am falling in love with him and I think that's something I need to tell him before it's too late."
Matt fit in seamlessly with Chelsie's family.
Though she tried to get the words out, Chelsie ultimately told Matt "it's not an easy thing for me to do" before they said goodbye.
So, what was holding her back?
"It is quite daunting knowing that three other girls [are still here], and saying those words is huge," Chelsie tells TV WEEK.
"I also find it hard to say things when I know Matt can't say anything back to me. Part of me doesn't want to look silly when I don't know where his head is at. It's a struggle for sure."
Chelsie is falling for Matt! But will she tell him?
Chelsie reveals her past heartbreak has also been playing on her mind in the mansion.
"I am scared of putting myself into a position where I'll be hurt again," she says.
"I definitely struggled previously with self-worth issues and being shut down and not having the ability to open up to someone that would listen.
"But Matt is really easy to talk to and I also know for me opening up is something I have to do, particularly in this situation where everything happens so quickly."
Fortunately, Chelsie made it through the rose ceremony and has secured a spot in the top three. From the looks of the teaser, she'll tell Matt she loves him next week. Swoon!
The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on 10.

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