The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor finale just threw everyone off by showing the winner getting out of the car first

What just happened??

By Alex Lilly
There are few certainties in life - that we will die, that we will pay taxes and that the Bachelor runner up always exits the car first during the finale.
But the show's producers chucked a massive Survivor-esque blindside this year by showing the show's winner Chelsie McLeod exit the car first and people are not ok.
We've seen conspiracy theories related to dresses and photo standing order but in every season of The Bachelor, the runner up has always exited the limo first.
You know the drill: the unknowing loser has an optimistic chat with host Osher Gunsberg before being ceremoniously dumped in front of the nation and walking with their tails between their legs back to the car and to their normal life.
So when we saw Chelsie emerge from the car, we were convinced that she'd lost out to Abbie Chatfield and social media understandably lost it.
But then, to make things even more complicated, we then saw Abbie step out before cutting to an ad break. Cue more craziness.
But as the show resumed, our heart rates returned to normal and Abbie emerged and went on to get dumped.
"This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make but I have to be honest, my heart belongs with someone else," Matt told her.
"It devastates me to lose someone so incredible. I've treasured every moment I've had and you deserve everything."
And this time round, everyone who was so sure that Chelsie would win once again rested easy.
After telling Matt she wished he'd sent her home much earlier, Abbie re-entered the car and left Bachie land for good.
"I feel fine I'm mostly just mad about the flight home now," she mused to the camera in the car.
"Honestly maybe I don't love him I'm not even upset. I'll get over it as soon as it airs. I'm embarrassed. I don't… it's really hard and I think I feel silly for thinking it would work out with Matt. I will get over this and I'm so resilient, Matt. I never thought I would feel this way from this experience."
WATCH: Matt meets Abbie for the first time. Post continues after video...
This Bachelor first comes a year after the huge shocker when Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins stunned the nation by picking no one.
Viewers were convinced that the former Wallaby was about to declare his undying love for Brittany Hockley when he blew our minds and stated he was picking no one.
"I just know in my heart, I've done the right thing," Nick explained after dropping that bombshell. "They are two amazing women who are walking out of my life right now. It wouldn't be fair to enter into something and a few months later, break her heart."
"I came here for a chance at love and now I'm going to have to start again."
Remember last year's Bachie shocker? (Images: Network Ten)