The Bachelor Australia

Why watching The Bachelor all-stars return made us fall in love with the show all over again

True love does exist!

By Anita Lyons
There's a reason we tune into Network Ten's The Bachelor year after year.
Sure there's the actual Bachelor himself and the 25 plus women vying for his heart - and there's the epic bitchiness and drama that unfolds.
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Then there's the copious amounts of "she said, she said" (ahem, "dog c—t" saga of 2019) and King Osher Günsberg's hair.
But, there's one thing that really keeps us coming back for more – the love. The crazy, stupid, whirlwind, fall in love at first sight kind of love.
And with the hectic drama of this year, the show seemed to lose its way when it came to this fundamental core.
However, with Wednesday night's episode; the arrival of the Bachelor all-stars – Sam and Snezana Wood and Laura Byrne and Matty J Johnson – it reminded us exactly why we love this show.
Snezana Wood and Laura Byrne chat to the final seven on Wednesday's episode of The Bachelor. (Source: Network Ten)
After the seven final women were asked to decorate the living room for a "baby shower", Osher arrived telling the girls about the "very special guests" that had come for a visit.
"When I first met these two women, they were exactly like you. They were two women who had a dream, a dream of falling in love, a dream of finding someone they could spend the rest of their life with – it was a long shot but falling in love like that was worth the risk and for these ladies the risk absolutely paid off."
Cue the excited squeals of the final seven Bachie babes and the full body goose bumps we all felt watching Laura and Snez walk through the door.
Both women were pregnant with "Bachie-babies" (Charlie Lane Wood and Marlie Mae Johnson) at the time – and are living proof that this show can, and does work.
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They are proof that fairy tales do exist and that fate can actually bring two people together in the most unconventional of ways.
In fact, while it is a reality TV show – we are dealing with real people, real emotions and real lives – and honestly, it made us remember why this show can be so damn special.
Snez made a really good point when speaking to Chelsie about the ease of her budding romance with Matt.
After Chelsie tells them he's everything she'd want in someone, she adds: "Everything is so perfect, what's the catch?"
"But some things are just that easy," Snez tells her. "And some things fall into place that simply."
"Don't leave here thinking I should have said something. You've got to take the chance." Snez told her.
Sam Wood and Matty J with Dr Matt Agnew. (Source: Network Ten)
So while the dramatics and theatrics of it all is entertaining and fun, at the end of the day – as Emma Roche would say, we just "love, love" and that's exactly what this show is all about.