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Why Abbie's fight with Kate on The Bachelor finale was the sign she was never going to win

Things certainly got tense between the two.

By Alex Lilly
As anyone who has ever been in a relationship can testify, meeting your partner's friends can be a nerve-wracking experience.
You want to be the perfect mix of funny, cool and down-to-earth without appearing like a possessive clingy weirdo and the last thing you want to do is get on their bad side. Unfortunately for Abbie Chatfield when she was reunited with Matt Agnew's bestie Kate, that's exactly what happened.
The Bachelor runner up certainly had some intense physical chemistry with Matt and for a moment we thought she'd beat Chelsie to the post.
But when she and Matt's bestie clashed during Thursday night's finale episode, that was the definitive nail in the coffin for Abbie and Matt's relationship that could've been. Because as we all know, the friends always win in the long-run.
From the moment Abbie clashed with Kate, we knew it wasn't going to be a happily ever after for her and Matt. (Image: Network Ten)
Kate first appeared on the show when there were a lot more girls in the mansion and was employed by Matt to see who she thought would be the best fit for her childhood friend.
And while she thought Abbie was lovely, she had her doubts and confessed to Matt at the time she didn't think Abbie was old enough for him and that she wasn't there for the same reasons as him- that being marriage and kids in the near future.
"I think she is saying what you want to hear," Kate said in the episode.
But blinded by his attraction, Matt said that while he valued his friend's opinion, he wasn't ready to throw away what he and Abbie had.
Kate confessed her concerns about Abbie to Matt after meeting her. (Image: Network Ten)
Fast forward to the finale in South Africa where Chelsie and Abbie were introduced and re-introduced respectively to Matt's besties Jason and Kate.
And to say Kate was shocked to see Abbie was an understatement. In fact, she said precisely that to the 23 year-old finalist.
"I've got to be honest," Kate confessed when she took Abbie away for a private chat. "I was surprised to hear that you had come down to the final two."
Abbie and Kate's reunion wasn't exactly a happy one. (Image: Network Ten)
It even reached a point where Kate had to ask producers for a moment to stop the chat and stated: "I don't believe what she's saying, I don't know what to ask her. I think I need to re-think what I ask her."
While Abbie fought her corner saying that she had to grow up fast and has had a lot of "character building experiences" that exceed her 23 years, her voiceover told a different story.
"She's horrible. Why is Matt friends with her? She's possessive," Abbie stated. Yeah, not a great move to insult your boyfriend's friends.
While some viewers labelled Kate as intense and a bully, other Bachie fans took to social media to explain why it was never going to work as soon as Abbie had a go at Matt's friends.
"Wow. Saying that s--- about someone's friend of 20 years is pretty full on at the best of times, let alone considering you've only known the man 3 months. There's no way Abbie wins this," one person tweeted.
And that wasn't the only one.
This break up was bound to happen as we saw numerous people inform Matt that Abbie was "in it for the wrong reasons."
Aside from Kate, contestants Sogand, Mary and precious Elly all voiced their concerns to Matt about Abbie's intentions so it was only a matter of time before Matt listened to the evidence before him.
WATCH: Elly tells Matt that Abbie is not emotionally mature enough for him. Post continues after video...
Unfortunately for Abbie, it didn't work out with Matt but hopefully she's learned a valuable lesson in not getting on your boyfriend's friends' bad side.
But we'll always have the memories. We hope love is just around the corner for you Abs!