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Why the Bachelor Australia's Ashlea Harvey hasn't told Nick Cummins she is a mum

Her son is her everything, but sadly she hasn't had the chance to share that with Honey Badger.

She's bright and bubbly when The Bachelor Australia cameras are rolling, but behind the scenes, Ashlea Harvey hasn't stopped crying.
That's because she hasn't had the courage to tell Nick Cummins about her nine-year-old son Jayden.

"She's been waiting for the right moment on a single date," confides a friend.
"But there's no sign of that happening yet, and the others in the house are starting to ask if she's embarrassed about having a son."
She really wants him to know about the other man in her life, her little boy.

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Ashlea, a 30-year-old from Queensland, describes herself as "a motivated property consultant, who is not one for meeting guys in bars or on social media, she applied for the Bachelor to meet someone out of her comfort zone."
And it's clear her son is very important to her, sharing in her official bio that she "wants a partner to love and accept both her and her son."
Ashlea is yet to score a single date with Nick.
Our source tells us, "It's mean, really, how they're [the girls] ganging up on her, but she was encouraged by producers to hold onto the news, too."
"Dasha is 'out and proud' about her boy, which is why everyone's saying to Ashlea, 'Why don't you tell Nick, too?' "
Worse still, Ashlea has asked the others to keep her secret from Nick, which they're finding difficult, not to mention.

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