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The Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield reveals she had an abortion before appearing on the show

''At that time, I felt very guilty for saying that I wanted kids.''

By Alex Lilly
Whether you loved her or hated her, Abbie Chatfield was one of the biggest stars of this year's season of The Bachelor, but she lost out to Chelsie McLeod in the battle for Matt Agnew's heart.
Now the reality star has opened up about a life-altering moment that she was forced to confront on the show.
Abbie revealed on the popular podcast Shameless that she had an abortion in March 2018.
Speaking to hosts Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald, the 24 year-old revealed that during the visit from pregnant ex-winners Snezana Wood and Laura Byrne, a producer's comment brought her to tears.
"The producer asked me if I was wondering what it was like to be pregnant, like a general 'Isn't it nice to see Snez and Laura pregnant? Wouldn't it be nice to be pregnant with someone you love?'" she explained.
"And because I had an abortion last year, I just started sobbing."
Abbie pictured with Shameless hosts Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews. (Image: Instagram @shamelesspodcast)
According to Abbie, the producers were unaware of her experience and stopped the interview when she started crying.
The 24 year-old confessed that she was constantly questioned about whether she wanted marriage and kids and was hesitant to say she wanted children following her abortion.
"I think at that time, I felt very guilty for saying that I wanted kids because I had aborted one in March last year," she added.
Abbie had an abortion in March 2018 before appearing on The Bachelor. (Image: Instagram @abbiechatfield)
Abbie eventually told Matt about her abortion after the moving date with a whisper, but the producer told her to say it louder.
"And then I turned around, looked dead in the camera and said, 'I had a f--king abortion last year!'" Abbie added.
Despite being well looked after by the producers, the reality star was hit by emotion, but Matt said they wouldn't air the conversation.
"After that I went and sobbed on that bed in the foetal position, like scream crying and I was like 'I'm going to leave,' so then Matt came in and got me and we had a bit of a chat and he said 'We're dropping it'."
It was during the moving date that Abbie told Matt about her abortion. (Image: Network Ten)
Abbie said that three weeks after her abortion, she fell into a "deep depression," and admitted that there were still feelings of guilt.
"My boyfriend at the time was literally the worst. He went out the night that I had my abortion because he wanted to be with the boys and have a few drinks even though I was holding on to his shirt and being like 'Please don't leave me,'" she revealed.
"And then he told me in the weeks after that I wasn't fun anymore."
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Abbie confesses that at the time, she begged producers to not include her abortion story on the show, but admitted that being on The Bachelor prompted a lot of self-growth.
"In the house, I told the girls about my abortion... because I didn't want other women to feel ashamed about having abortions and I feel like it was used against me," she said.
"A lot of women have abortions and, whether or not you know they have abortions, it's OK. I just don't want people to be shamed for that or feel internal shame."
"Maybe someone who's kind of in the public eye saying they've had an abortion and that it's OK will help them."