Fans react to Luke Toki's brutal elimination on Australian Survivor

Well, that was upsetting.

It happened. The King Of The Jungle was dethroned on Monday night, when Luke Toki was eliminated from Australian Survivor.
The brutal elimination saw Luke, his fellow contestants, and viewers in tears. Even host Jonathan LaPaglia looked like he was struggling as he read out the votes that led to Luke being booted from the game.
After losing out to Harry Hills in a complicated immunity challenge, Luke appealed to Pia Miranda to help him stay in the game.
He asked Pia to vote with him, and write down Baden Gilbert's name so that the vote would end in a tie. Of course, a tie would mean Baden and Luke would be left to battle it out in a fire challenge, which would most likely lead to Luke keeping his place in the game.
We had all of our fingers crossed. Fans were REALLY rooting for Pia to stick with Luke...
Pia was left in a tough position in the end, with her heart and her head battling it out over what to do.
"It's a lot to digest," she told JLP before the vote. "I know how much the money would mean to Luke. And to know that all rests on my shoulders is really tough."
In the end, Pia chose not to side with Luke after a tense and emotional tribal council. After all, you've got to play the game.
"I wouldn't say Pia was completely against saving me, I think she definitely had moments where she thought she'd save me. But what can you do?" Luke tells TV WEEK in his elimination interview.
"It was out of my hands and I was hopeful the Survivor Gods would look down on me… but they didn't."
Though the Survivor Gods didn't save Luke, it's clear he's still the fan-favourite. Here's how Twitter reacted to the heartbreaking elimination...
Lukey, we're sad to see you go!
The Australian Survivor finale airs Tuesday, 7:30pm, on Network 10.

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